Packing picnic baskets in a right manner goes a long way in satiating your needs for the day-out. Go through this article, to get some tips on how to pack a picnic basket.

How To Pack A Picnic Basket

Rock and roll - it's picnic, after all! Pleasant weather, buzzing energies to unite with friends and family and making merry is all that you need for a picnic. However, when it comes to packing for this special fun-filled day out, it's more than just tossing in some food and beverages. Well, if you didn't know, there is an art to packing all the necessities within the basket, so that they stay fresh and easily accessible, at the same time. The rule is to take everything you need, but nothing less and everything you want, but nothing more. In the following lines, we have provided tips on how to pack a picnic basket.
Packing Picnic Baskets 
  • The first thing that comes to mind, while packing for picnic, is the basket, in which you would be putting all the necessary items. Since picnic bags are usually heavy, as they are stuffed with eateries and games, the best bet would be to use a basket or a strong tote, instead of paper bags. Rectangular baskets are the ideal option to explore.
  • Next in line is a cooler or ice chest. Do not get a large cooler for a couple of sandwiches and one 6-pack of drinks. Take something which is handy and is neither too big nor too small.
  • Place the items you will need last, such as trash bags and antibacterial wipes, at the bottom of the picnic basket or pack.
  • Now, place an old plastic coated table cloth in the basket, which can take in the spills. Make sure that the table cloth is big enough to hold all the food items and containers.
  • Coming to the tableware, pack enough plates, cups, spoon, knives and forks. Disposable items are the best bet, as you would not have to carry the burden back, while coming back to home. Stay miles away from glass and bone china wares.
  • Talking about the minutest details when it comes to tableware, make sure you carry can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew, sharp knives, cutting board, serving spoons and toothpicks.
  • It's the time to put in the food containers. Make sure that the containers you chose are airtight, so that there is no leakage. After all, who would want to open a picnic basket with ketchup leaking, gravy all over and sandwiches spilled apart?
  • Condiments such as peppers, cinnamon, honey, lemon, steak sauce and mustard are welcome ingredients in a picnic basket.
  • Once everything has been placed, fill the topmost space with comfort items, like insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, allergy medication, portable cover (for rains) and flashlight (for darkness). It's most likely that you would require these items after reaching the picnic spot.
  • Apart from the usual picnic basket, make sure you carry at least one picnic blanket for children.
  • To add that special magical touch, you can even carry folding chairs, a folding table, break-down umbrella or even a vase of flowers. After all, it's your picnic and you have all the right to add any feel good factor you want.
  •  Do not forget to take board games, cards, volleyball, camera and toys for children. These things add the much-needed entertainment quotient to the picnic.
  • Last, but not the least, carry wash cloth, soap and enough of garbage bags. Be a responsible citizen and tidy the picnic place, before hitting the road again!!

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