Storing nuts properly is essential to maintain their freshness and taste over a long period of time. In order to know how to store nuts, go through this article.

How To Store Nuts

Nuts, an excellent source of protein, fiber and healthy fats, are consumed by people across the world. They comprise of one of those snack items that even dieters and healthy eaters swear by. This is because they provide you with lots of nutrients and also douse the hunger pangs, without sabotaging your health. If you are one of the 'nuts-lover' out there and have purchased them in bulk, to consume over the year, then there is an immediate need to store them properly, in a way that retains their freshness. Read on to know how to store nuts in a way that doesn't makes them shrivel up or dry out
Storing Nuts Properly 
Dry The Nuts
In order to store the nuts properly, you will first have to dry them out completely. For the purpose, let them remain inside the shell and then place them on a tray, spreading loosely. Now, place the tray near your working furnace and let them remain there for two to three days. However, you need to ensure that the temperature is less than one hundred degrees.
While drying the nuts, make sure that there is lots of air movement in the area where you keep the tray. The amount of time it will take for the nuts to dry will depend upon their size as well as type. Do make sure to keep checking on the nuts every eight to ten hours, to ensure that their shells do not crack. This is because the cracking of shells means that the nuts are drying too quickly.
Use Containers
After you have made sure that the nuts are completely dry, it is the time to store them in containers. For the purpose, you need to make use of plastic or glass storage containers, with air tight seals. Before placing the nuts inside the containers, it is advisable to wash them thoroughly. Thereafter, let them dry completely and make sure that there is no moisture inside.
Select The Storage Option
After you have placed the nuts inside the container, it is the time to decide on the storage option that you want to adopt for them. There would be several options for the purpose, of which you can choose the one that suits the amount of time you want the nuts to last. In case you want them to last all around the year, divide them to store for short term and long term enjoyment.
Storing For Short Term
Short term will comprise of a period that lasts for a maximum of three months. In case of nuts that you plan to consume within the next three months, the best storage place will be the pantry, if it is dry and cool. You need to store the nuts at room temperature, while making sure to keep the container away from any other food items that have strong odors.
Storing For Long Term
If you want to store the nuts for a long period of time, say to enjoy them in the next holiday season or later in the year, refrigeration is the perfect option. Nuts, stored in sealed container and kept inside the fridge, can last up to six months. If you want to store them for an even longer period of time, placing them in the freezer will be the best bet.

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