If you are wondering how to make your wedding favors unique, explore the ideas given in this article. We have listed a number of ways, to make homemade wedding favors.

How To Make Wedding Favors

Everyone wants their wedding to be unique and special. In order to make it cherishing and exclusive, people opt for unique kinds of celebrations. The exclusiveness can be in terms of wedding venue, theme, attire, menu, and last, but not the least, favors. Giving wedding favors is a wonderful way to make your guests feel special and cared. At the same time, a nice wedding favor makes a wonderful souvenir of your wedding, which would make the guests remember your wedding as a special occasion always. In case your wedding day is approaching and you have not finalized your wedding favors yet, this article is certainly going to be a savior for you. We have listed information on how to make wedding favors. Explore the wonderful ideas given here and make your wedding favors unique.
Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas 
Glass Ornament Balls
Though it is a simple gift, it looks pretty exclusive. All you need to do, to make a glass ornament ball, is get a few dried flowers, ribbon and a name plate for the guest. Fill the clear glass ornament balls with dried flowers. Insert a colorful ribbon in it, along with the name of the guest and the date of the wedding - in silver or gold, through the jacks of the ball. Then, tie a white ribbon on the top.
Silver Bells
Silver bells prove to be wonderful as wedding favors. In order to personalize them, you can tie a white ribbon to them, printed with the name of the bride and groom. For this artifact, you need to buy big bells. You can accompany this gift with a bottle of champagne.
Polaroid Pictures
Polaroid pictures are the ones that are produced on the spot, immediately after clicking. You can make an exclusive favor for the guests by having a Polaroid picture of each one of them clicked along with you and your spouse. Now, put it in a wonderful photo frame and gift.
Organza Pouch
Organza pouch comes across as another wonderful option, if you want to have an exclusive wedding favor. You can simply decorate the organza pouch with a dainty satin ribbon, on which the couple’s name and date of wedding has been written, tied with the help of a jack.
Aroma Candles
You can make candles on your own, even personalizing them as per the taste of the guests (if you have the time). Make sure to inscribe your and your partner's name as well as the date of wedding on it. You can also design the aroma candles with the initials of the two of you.
Homemade Cookies
You can also make cookies, in the shape of the cupid, lovebirds, hearts, bride and groom and even wedding bells, on your own. Don't forget to get the cookies packed in a wonderful tin box, with the photo of the couple (you and your partner) and date of the wedding written on it.

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