Making your own wedding favor tags is the best way to thank your guests and make them feel special. Read on for some tips on how to make your own wedding favor tags.

How To Make Your Own Wedding Favor Tags

Nothing can be better to thank your guests for attending your special day and extending their constant love and support than wedding favors. Wedding favor gifts have been in use since years now to convey regards to wedding guests. A favor tag is used to pass on the message of gratitude that the bride and groom wish to convey to the guests. Though there are several options for a favor tag available in the market, making one on your own will help you customize everything right from color, size and design. Favor tags also help you give a personalized touch to the gift and the message. The message to be typed, the theme, size, color, design and decoration are all that have to be decided upon to get a beautiful and beguiling wedding tag as an outcome. This article provides you with tips on making your own wedding favor tag.
Tips For Making Your Own Wedding Favor Tags 
  • A business card will make a great wedding favor tag. You can buy blank business cards from the stationary stores in a variety of color and styles. Using a business card as a favor tag is beneficial and time saving as most of the word processing programs come with a business card template, allowing you to get a clean looking and typed tags. You can even add pictures and borders in the computer itself. After printing the tags, punch holes in one of the corners and tie a ribbon or raffia to them. For a smaller tag, you can cut the business card into two pieces.
  • If you want to use a paper material for your wedding favor and want it larger, then go in for a cardstock. The cardstock comes in a standard 8.5” by 11” paper size, which can also be printed easily. Cardstocks are available in many colors. You can make favor tags with cardstock in any shape and size you want - squares, triangles, circle, hearts, anything. You can make these shapes by using stencils and can even try out the shape that matches your wedding theme.
  • If you do not like a paper tag, you can use stickers as tags for your wedding favor. You can even use address labels. The address labels come in different shapes and size, right from small return address labels to massive 5 inch labels, suiting all your requirements for a favor tag.
  • Hangtags are one of the most famous and versatile wedding favor tag option, which goes along a wide variety of favors. The hangtags are usually punched and affixed to the favor or the gift with a silk ribbon, curling ribbon, lace, raffia or any other type of string or ribbon. Hangtags are open tags that can be made in many colors, and shape including rectangular, square, diamond shape, heart shape and even circular. A hangout wedding favor tag works well with bagged wedding favors on the handles of pails, Chinese takeout boxes and favors wrapped in tulle and organza.
  • Mini cards also form a great favor tag if you want to use more of words to express your feelings and happiness. Mini cards are also used in a similar manner as the hangtags with a hole-punched and well secured with some type of ribbon or a silk thread. The mini cards can either be enveloped or slipped inside the favor box or can be attached outside to the box.
  • For a beach wedding theme, nothing can be as special and beautiful as using a seashell as a reminder of your wedding. Make a personalized wedding favor tag by adoring the tag with small sea shells. 
Additional Tips
  • The hardest part of creating your own wedding favor cards is choosing a message to carve on it. Apart from the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date, you can even pen down the feelings of gratitude. You can also convey that your guests are the most important part of your life, or that you are elated by their gracious presence.
  • Once the message and the feelings for the wedding tag have been decided, it is time to use the apt words to make the message sound personalized and touching. If you are planning to write a romantic and a serious message, words like love, caring and support can be used. If you are going in for a funnier message, you can use a pun to convey your message. The use of pun and different words will add sentiments and emotion that you wish to convey through the message.

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