Wedding favors are the nicest way to express you gratitude towards your guests. And if you are getting wedded in spring, here are some tips to help you pick your spring wedding favors.

Spring Wedding Favors

Any wedding is incomplete without the presence of family and friends. Their being there and blessings is what makes the wedding more beautiful. A favor is just a small expression of your gratitude towards them. A small gift will tell them how much you appreciate their taking time out from their busy life to share the most beautiful day of your life. Therefore express your thanks with wedding favors but don’t over splurge for it as it’s actually the thought that counts and not the extravagance. The spring weather brings you lots of options for everything, and wedding favors are no exception. Anything which you can comfortably gift and which says you have put a lot of thoughts in it, is good enough. Be original and pick favors your guests would actually appreciate. Here are examples of some of the favors for spring wedding.

Spring Wedding Favor Ideas

Custom Sea Shells/Potpourri Pails
If you’re having a beach wedding then custom sea shell favor is what you need. It will match the theme and the guests will love the gift. Make it more personalized by engraving some message on it. Wrap it in nice tulle and gift it to your guests. Another idea is to gift potpourri pails. Take nice little colorful tin pails and keep i the potpourri packet inside, your souvenir is packed to be gifted.

Customized Candle Lamp
If you don’t want your guests to leave the favors on the table, then gift them with customized candle lamps. Keep the color vibrant and match it to the theme of the wedding. Instead of plain lamp, go for designated lamps in shapes of butterfly, daisies, lilies etc. You can even go with your theme of the wedding in choosing the color, design and pattern of the candle lamps. But for the spring favor it’s always good to go with the flower theme.

Designated Key Chains/ Personalized Bookmarks
Engrave a message or choose a sophisticated butterfly design. Either ways your guests will love it. If you can afford then go for crystal key chains. It will surely dazzle your guests mind. If most of your guests are book lovers, you can gift a personalized bookmark. You can print your wedding picture with a message in the form of a bookmark or butterfly or seasoned flower bookmark will also do.

Crystal Candle Holders/ Colorful Glass Jars
Who wouldn’t want to keep cute little candle holders? Enchant your guests by gifting them crystal candle holders with a design of your choice. If you can’t afford to gift crystal ones, you can go for plain glass ones. As long as the design is captivating, nobody cares if you give crystal or glass. If you think candle holders are little clichéd, then go for colorful glass jars. Keep some candies and chocolates inside, tie it with a satin colorful ribbon and your gift is ready.

Foil Wrapped Chocolates/ Plantable Seeds
Yummy! You would hear this word over and over after you gift your guests mouthwatering foil wrapped chocolate in flower shapes. If your wedding flowers were yellow lilies, then keep the gift as foil wrapped lilies shaped chocolates. If flowers are too girly for you then gifts candle shaped chocolates. Although if you want to go green then gift plant seeds but make it more beautiful by packing it in flower shaped packets. Or, keep them in flower shaped boxes and urge them to plant the flowers in their garden.

Wine Glass Candle/Scented Soaps
Wine glass candles make an excellent gift for your guests. Just make sure that you choose colorful and scented candles. Or, if you want it a little more common then you can gift scented soaps. Make it more fun by customizing it in the shape of a seasonal fruit like pear. You can pack these in cute multihued boxes or simply add a leaf-shaped tag with it. Your guests are sure to love it.

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