While dressing for graduation ceremony, make sure that the clothes are a perfect fit and exude the image of a dignified student. Read the article to explore tips on how to dress for graduation.

How To Dress For Graduation

Graduation ceremony marks the culmination of high-school or college life. It paves way for the beginning of a new chapter of life, when students are awarded a degree, after they pass out from school/college. Often called convocation ceremony, Graduation Day is the occasion when every student wants to look attractive and out of the ordinary. Special dresses for the ceremony, available in varied styles and colors and suiting different needs of the young graduates, are the order of the day. Since the occasion is largely a formal event, you need to think of comfort as well as elegance, for your attire. Go for an outfit that projects your image as a mature student, in the best possible manner. If you are still not able to select the perfect graduation dress, check out this article. Here, we are to help you with some ideas on how to dress for graduation.
Graduation Ceremony Dressing Tips
  • Some graduation gowns may bleed color, if they get wet or even hot. Therefore, under the gown, wear an outfit that is not much expensive, because you would have to pay a higher price, if it gets stained from the gown's dye.
  • Consider the climatic conditions of the ceremony site. Watch out for the weather reports of the days ahead of Graduation Day. This would help you decide the fabric for your outfit.
  • If it is unbelievably hot, settle down for cotton or khadi. On the other hand, if warm climatic conditions are prevalent, you may pick blends of cotton and silk. Lightweight wool would serve the purpose, if it is too cold.
  • Some schools/colleges might not mind what the students wear for Graduation Day, while others may be strict about the dress code for the day. Check for any specifics for the attire, before deciding your outfit for the ceremony.
  • For boys, a suit or a blazer would be apt. You can also go for a nice dress shirt and pair it with black trousers. Complement your attire with a pair of leather shoes. You may also wear cufflinks. If it is cold, slip a pullover or jacket over your dress shirt, to keep yourself warm.  
  • For girls, knee length skirt with a chic blouse will serve the purpose. Make sure that the length of the skirt suits the length of your gown. This way, you would not look sloppy. An A-line skirt would be a good match for your graduation gown.
  • Accessorize yourself with elegant pieces of jewelry. The bracelets, earring and necklace should not be too flashy. Keep them simple and sober. Makeup is not mandatory. However, ensure that your face looks clean and fresh. You may wear a shimmering lip gloss and eye liner. Do not go for anything that makes your look years beyond your age.
  • Graduation Day is an occasion for having a lot of fun. In the process of wearing a formal look, do not get too much sophisticated. Make sure that your clothes do not detract from the occasion, but at the same time, give you a lot of comfort.

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