Making or designing your very own graduation announcement can be a lot of fun. Find out how to make your very own graduation announcements.

Design Your Own Graduation Announcements

Designing or making your very own graduation announcements can be a great alternative to printed graduation announcements. These do it yourself announcements are very economical and they can bring out your creative side too. Building your own graduation announcements is not as hard as it sounds. Follow the steps mentioned below to make your own graduation announcements: 
  • Start by using a plain white card stock or white paper and draw everything yourself. You can even get a graduation theme card stock that most of the supply stores have readily available with them.
  • Do it yourself themes can be printed at your home, with the help of the Personal Computer (PC). However, if you want to create a large number of announcements, then you have two options:
    • Print all the announcements at home. But make sure that you do not run out of ink.
    • Print the announcements on a plain white paper and then take them, along with your graduation themed paper, to the local store. The store can then copy the announcements on to the themed paper. This will make your job even easier. 
Some of the other ‘Do it Yourself’ announcements that are readily available in the market are as follows:
Flat Card Graduation Announcements - Flat card announcements are heavier than the regular paper. There are envelopes available in various stores, which are used to place these announcements. These envelopes come in a range of different colors. So, if you want something a little flashy, then there are several options available for you to choose from.
Graduation Letterhead - Another great option is to use a graduation letterhead. A letterhead can easily fit the printer that you might have in your home. Also, you can include your own text and graphics on these to personalize it. These are easily available on any store or you can also get these off the net.
Photo Stamps - Photo stamps are yet another way of designing your very own graduation anouncements. This can be real fun as you can turn your photo or the photo of the one who is graduating, into a postage stamp. It can make your graduation announcement look unique.
Photo Confetti - You can also use confetti to spice up your graduation announcements, which will make them look special and memorable as well. Photo confetti is made from various snapshots and is put together with colorful papers.
Now that you know how to design your personal graduation announcement, you can go ahead and be as creative as you want to be.

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