Mehbooba is the latest romantic movie, starring Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan & Manisha Koirala. With this review, explore the music and star cast of film Mehbooba.


Genre: Romance 
Director: Afzal Khan
Producer: Afzal Khan
Banner: Shaboo Arts
Music Director: Ismail Darbar
Lyricist: Anand Bakshi
Star Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan, Manisha Koirala and Reema Lagoo
Release Date: 11th July 2008

Mehbooba, the film that was in the making for as much as the past 10 years, has finally been released today. As expected, there is nothing in the movie that will compel you to watch it on the big screen. One of the major drawbacks of Mehbooba is its story, which seems to bear similarity with a number of old-time movies. The old, beaten concept, which has been used so many times in the past, does nothing to entertain you. We have moved over the ‘bad guy turns good guy’ and ‘brothers falling in love with the same girl’ kind of scripts.
There is no freshness in Mehbooba. The whole ‘rona-dhona’ and ‘sacrificing brothers’ concept has become archaic. The audience is no longer interested in it and it is high time, producers and directors realize this fact. Talking about the technical aspects of the film, the cinematography is very good. Ashok Mehta has captured the scenic locales of Budapest very beautifully. Even Nitin Desai’s art direction is pretty commendable. Ismail Darbar, though not as good as some of his recent films, does a decent job.
In terms of performances, it was good to see Manisha Koirala onscreen, after such a long time. Even though her character is nothing out of the ordinary, she manages to give a sincere performance. Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt are looking quite young, compared to today, and as usual, have given their best to the role. The excellent talents of Anu Kapoor and Kader Khan were totally wasted in the film. As for Reema Lagoo, she also had a very short role. All in all, the movie is just as we had expected, stale and out of date. 
Mehbooba Pre-release Review
After a long time and following many comedy movies, Sanjay Dutt will be seen in a purely romantic flick. We are talking about Mehbooba, the latest movie to be produced as well as directed by Afzal Khan. To be released under the banner of ‘Shaboo Arts’, the movie has Ismail Darbar as the music director and Anand Bakshi as the lyricist. The star cast of Mehbooba includes Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan, Manisha Koirala and Reema Lagoo. The film is scheduled to be released on 11th July 2008.
Mehbooba revolves around the life of three people - Shravan Dhariwal (Sanjay Dutt), Varsha (Manisha Koirala) and Karan (Ajay Devgan). Shravan is a successful and very rich business tycoon, who believes in buying anything and everything he wants, be it things or people. One of the most eligible bachelors in New York, Shravan is always seen in the company of the most beautiful and desirable women. One day, he meets Varsha (Manisha Koirala), an Indian girl who has absolutely no interest in his money or his position in life.
For Varsha, her self-respect and morality is far above the material things of life and she firmly refuses to entertain Shravan. Not used to taking no for an answer, he starts showering Varsha with presents and gifts, in order to woo her. One day, irritated by the constant wooing of Shravan, Varsha insults him in front of a few thousand people. This serves as a jolt for Shravan, who realizes that women are not commodities that he can buy with money. The realization of his mistake again takes him to Varsha’s doorstep, where he asks for forgiveness.
He meets her father and expresses his love and respect for Varsha; even asking for the latter’s hand in marriage. Though Varsha is still uncertain of Shravan, her father convinces her that he has changed for the better. After much deliberation, she agrees to his proposal and they get engaged. Soon after, the two go on a holiday, which ends in great intimacy and lovemaking. This is when Varsha gets to know the real face of Shravan, who tells her that he got engaged to her, just because he wanted to sleep with her and he has no intentions of getting married. Dejected and heartbroken, Varsha leaves America, to start a new life.

One fine day, Shravan is asked by his Maasa (Reema Lagoo) to come down to his hometown in India, for the marriage of his younger brother Karan (Ajay Devgan). Karan is a decent guy, totally opposite of his brother, who is settled in Europe. He falls ‘head-over-heels’ in love with Payal, the girl he has decided to marry, and is all praises for her. As the marriage comes closer, Payal comes down from Europe. Shravan comes face to face with her and realizes that she is none other than Varsha. Why has Varsha changed her name? What will Karan do after he gets to know about Shravan and Varsha?

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