Hello, a film based on Chetan Bhagat’s ‘One Night @ the Call Center’, has been directed & produced by Atul Agnihotri. Read on to know the movie review, music review and star cast of hindi film Hello.

Hello Movie

Director: Atul Agnihotri
Hello Movie
Producer: Atul Agnihotri
Banner: Reel Life Productions
Writer: Chetan Bhagat
Music: Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant, Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Jalees Sherwani
Star Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sohail Khan, Sharman Joshi, Isha Koppikar, Gul Panag, Amrita Arora, Dilip Tahil, Suresh Menon and Sharat Saxena

Atul Agnihotri had a brilliant script in the form of the novel 'One Night @ the Call Center'. Alas! He failed to exploit it to its full potential. In fact, 'Hello' comes across as an amateurish attempt by Atul to present Chetan Bhagat's novel on-screen. He wasted full one hour of the movie making character sketches, during which the story was at a complete standstill. It is only towards the second half that you develop an interest in 'Hello'.
While the screenplay is totally ineffective, the end looks way too 'filmy'. While the six main characters are shown working in a call canter, only one or two of them can be hearing talking in the fake American accent. The music was ok, while the cinematography not bad. Bakshi, the character in 'One Night @ the Call Center' that you love to hate, was been properly presented in 'Hello'. In fact, at times, Dilip Tahil (Bakshi) came across as funny, rather than infuriating.
Talking about performances, Sharman Joshi and Sohail Khan are the one who deserve applause. Both of them stand out in spite of the shoddy script handling. Amrita Arora, Isha Koppikar and Gul Panag are okay. While Sharat Saxena is wasted, Suresh Menon is beyond tolerance. As for Arbaaz Khan, he was hardly seen throughout the movie. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif could be seen for hardly 5-10 minutes in toto. All in all, a film not worth watching in theater!

Hello Pre-release Review
Atul Agnihotri, seen first as an actor in movies like ‘Naaraaz’ and ‘Sir’ and then as a director in ‘Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa’, is soon to release his second directorial and debut production venture - ‘Hello’. The movie, based on Chetan Bhagat’s book ‘One Night @ the Call Center’, will be released under Reel Life Productions. Apart from special appearances by Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, the movie has full-fledged roles by Sohail Khan, Sharman Joshi, Isha Koppikar, Gul Panag, Amrita Arora, Dilip Tahil, Suresh Menon and Sharat Saxena.
‘Hello’ revolves around the life of six individuals, all of whom work in a Call Center. One day, while at the call center, they receive a phone call, which changes their life forever. The movie is seen through the eyes of Shyam (Sharman Joshi), the male protagonist. He is in love with a girl, Priyanka (Gul Panag), who is leaving him as his career seems to have become stuck in the Call Canter, without any chances of growing beyond it. She also works at the Call Center, along with him, and is about to get married to an NRI techno geek.
Then, there is Esha (Isha Koppikar), an aspiring model who always seems to be one step away from stardom. Shyam’s friend Varun Malhotra a.k.a. Vroom (Sohail Khan) is one of the rebellious kinds, who loves to speed around on his bike, sleep and flirt with girls. Radhika (Amrita Arora) is a housewife and works at the same Call Center. At night, she is working & in the day, she is always trying to please her mother-in-law. Last member of the group is Military Uncle (Sharat Saxena), whose son has stopped him from interacting with his grandchild.

Their boss Bakshi (Dalip Tahil), waiting for the call to transfer him to Boston, is a pain in the neck. The world of all the six people seems to come to a standstill when Bakshi announces the decision of right sizing the Call Center. It seems as if it’s the worst night of their life. Is it really? For, it is the night when they receive a call from none other than ‘God’ himself. Was it really a call from the Almighty? What did He say? How did the call change the life of the six Call Center employees? For the answers, we will have to wait for the movie’s release.

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