A preschool graduation ceremony, being one of the first formal ceremonies for kids, is extremely special. While planning it, make sure to be innovative as well as sensitive.

Preschool Graduation Ceremonies

A preschool graduation ceremony is the ceremony where the pre-school kids are felicitated as a kindergarten graduate. Through this ceremony, they are prepared to go into an actual school, where they will stay for the next 12 years of their life. It is a very special ceremony for the kids, as it is one of the first formal ceremonies in their life. While planning a preschool graduation ceremony, the first and foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind is that every kid feels special. As this is the place from where they actually get the license to step into the real social world, they should be filled with the confidence of being special, loved and talented. Let us explore some ideas for preschool graduation ceremonies
Planning a Preschool Graduation Ceremony
The entire ceremony should be planned in a way that it looks no less serious than a real graduation ceremony. The kids and their parents should be cordially invited and felicitated with dignified honor. As it is the first formal ceremony for a kid, it would be extra special for each of them. Make sure that every kid present there is treated with due respect, as this is actually the place from where he/she will step into the real world of socializing, manners, etiquettes and formalities. Try to make the kids feel grown up and responsible. However, ensure there is no monotony in the ceremony, as kids tend to get bored soon.
The attire for preschool graduation ceremonies should be specially designed. Though the look has to be similar to the actual graduation robes, a lot of experimenting can be done, mainly in terms of colors and prints. Experiment with cuts and shapes of the cap or add frilly items, to make it more loving for the kids. The design of graduation robes, graduation cap and scroll should be sent in advance to the parents, so that they can keep the entire set ready by the time of the function. Make it compulsory for all the kids to follow the dress code, as this will inculcate an understanding for formal dressing as well as equality in them.   However, make sure the title ribbon that you give to every kid is unique and special for him/her.
The ambience should be special and colorful, yet reflects the nature of the ceremony. Try to conduct the entire ceremony in a single hall. You can decorate it with slabs showcasing the children’s work. Adorn the entire wall with project paintings, handicrafts and other exhibits made by the kids participating in the ceremony. The hall should have a comfortable sitting arrangement. Arrange for perfect lighting system, with constant power supply. The stage meant for felicitation should be made a little formal, to give a serious feel to the kids. However, to avoid monotony, experiments can be done with the floor lighting and the color of curtains used.
As delicious food makes a ceremony all the more interesting, this 'feel good' factor must be given special attention. You can arrange for lavish dinner or light snacks, depending upon your budget. However, make sure to introduce a special cake for the kids, as it will enhance their excitement for the entire ceremony. Be innovative with the drinks and food. Serve colorful juice-mix in a wine glass and design the cake in a Mickey Mouse pattern. Add cookies, chocolates and ice-creams in the menu, so that the kids relish the supper. If you planning a lavish dinner, a three course meal for kids would be fine. Be innovative in the way the food is being served and experiment with the dinning chair arrangements as well.
Once the preschool graduation ceremony is over, what will remain with a kid throughout the life is the memento presented to him/her. So, make sure that the favors presented to the kids serve as long-time keepsakes. Personalized graduation items, like toys, laminated certificates, photo-books and photo-scraps, along with their result, should be handed to them as the memento. The gifts in a set of two, one being a toy of current use and the other being a keepsake for long-term token, will be another way to make the ceremony happy as well as cherishing. Apart from it, make sure the photographer you have hired captures every expression and every special moment of the little kids. You can later post these photographs to their parents.

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