Pool parties are always fun and when you are throwing one for your kiddo, it would surely add to the excitement. Read on to explore ideas on how to plan kids' pool party.

Kids Pool Party Ideas

Kids love water! If you are planning to throw a party for your child, whether it’s for his birthday or a simple get-together for his friends, what better than a splash party? Pools are the ideal places to throw a party in summers. However, you have to keep certain things in mind, of which the most important one is age limit. Throwing a pool party for a toddler is not a great idea. Your child should at least be ten years old to be able to enjoy the party. While you are planning the pool party, make sure that the area around the pool is big enough to host it. Also, hire some professional lifeguards to keep an eye on children and save them, in case the non-swimmers fall inside the pool accidentally. In addition, the setting should be pleasant, as scorching sun and pounding rain can easily spoil the fun. For more ideas on kids' pool parties, read on and make the day memorable for your child.
How To Plan Kids Pool Party
Generally, hosts like to invite people for a party on phone, by calling them up. However, if you are planning a large-scale party, you can make the invitation fun by sending the invitees a balloon filled with water and the invitation written on it. Yet another idea is to write the invitation on a beach ball and send it. You can even put the invite inside a bottle filled with sand and seashells. Do make sure that the invitation language is casual and fun. These methods are sure to make your child a hero amongst his friends.
Pool party setting mostly comprises of a gorgeous backdrop and you won’t need to do a lot to make it look more beautiful. A blue and white theme will be perfect for the party. Blow helium balloons in blue and white colors and tie them all across the venue. In relation to sitting arrangement, you can go for beach chairs, with fishnet draped across them, and umbrellas. Throw some water toys and beach balls in the water. You can even float some balloons in it, filling them with a little water and then blowing air in them, so that they remain half submerged in water.
If it is a birthday party, have the cake related to the theme. You can also have it decorated in an ocean style, with lots of fishes, mermaids and shell-designated cherries. If you are also inviting adults for the party, include barbecue recipes in the menu. For the children, pizza, burgers, fish and chips, and ice creams would be ideal. Make sure to keep lots of finger foods and drinks.
Keep music on full blast, while making sure that it is in sync with the theme. If your child has some favorites, make sure to include them as well. You can keep the beach music as well and Beach Boys will be the ideal for that. However, place the music system far away from the water. The music should be loud enough to be heard by everyone, while still allowing them to talk with each other.
Games & Activities
Since it’s a kids' party, don’t forget to include some games. It will keep the mood bright and the environment lively. Marco polo, rubber duck floating, ice cube race, Tug-o-war, piñata, long jump, dog race and treasure dive are some of the options, from which you can take your pick. If you are also inviting adults, make sure to have at least a few games in which they can also participate. In case they don’t, make them referee and find other ways to include them in the game. 
Thank your guests for coming to the party, with fun pool party favors. You can fill balloons with ceramic powder and paint them with different facial expressions and gift them to children. You can gift beach towels and sunglasses too, if you are inviting few people. Other options will include beach balls, floating toys, beach umbrellas, and so on. However, a personalized gift is always a better option. Alternatively, you can make your child decide the gift for his friends.

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