Carnival is a place full of fun, excitement and entertainment and can serve as a great theme for a kids' party. Explore the article and get some bright kids' carnival theme party ideas.

Kids Carnival Party Ideas

Carnival is a happening place, which is full of liveliness and energy. It can also serve as a great theme for a party, especially if it involves children. If you plan to throw a ravishing party for your kids, consider choosing the carnival theme. Since winning loads and loads of prizes is the main aim of the theme, the little ones will surely be attracted to your party. Check out some bright ideas for kids' carnival party. Explore the following lines and know how to go about planning a carnival party, specially dedicated to children.
Kids Carnival Theme Party Ideas
The invitations for kids' carnival party should be as colorful as the theme itself. Make use of colored paper for the same. Write the details of the party - date, time and venue - with different colored pens. Do mention about the programs included in the party as well. At the same time, remember to specify the dress code in the invitation. You can add glitters to increase the charm of the invitations.
First, decide the number of booths you want in the party. You need to set up separate booths for games, activities and food. Consider the space available in your backyard, while installing the stalls. Purchase tables as per the number of stalls. You may install a popcorn vending machine in the venue as well. Place hand-painted signboards in each stall, so that it is easier for the children to know which activity or game is being organized at a particular stall.
To decorate the stalls, you can make use of colorful streamers and ribbons in vibrant colors. Tying bunches of colorful balloons all around the yard is also a good option. Hang ribbons along the fence of your yard, to make the venue look even more attractive to kids. Welcome the guests, by hanging a banner at the entranceway.
The food for a carnival party should be like the one at a fair. Don't include heavy food at the party, because the event is all about having fun, playing games and winning prizes in different activities. Have snacks like slices of pizza, hot dogs, chips, soda pop, salted peanuts, cupcakes, ice-cream cake, popcorn and chips in the menu. You may also serve drinks like milkshakes, lemonade and fruit punch, to the guests.
Games & Activities
The best part of a carnival comprises of the fun games and activities. Purchase a roll of tickets. Give the tickets to your guests, so that they play the games at each stall and win prizes. You may include fun activities like tattooing, balloon stomp, ring toss, shooting, darting and face painting, in the party as well. Assign little toys and treats as prizes for the winners. Games like 'guess the jelly beans', 'bean bag tosses' and 'bingo' will make a carnival party even more interesting.
At the end of the carnival party, distribute attractive favors to your guest. Some of the best party favors will include lollipop, punching balloon, paddle ball, yo-yo, spinning top, whistle, clown caps, plastic or rubber toys, inflated helium balloon, squishy balls and small plastic and metal toy cars. Make sure to present the favors wrapped in colorful cellophane papers.

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