Pirate party ideas offer episodes of fun for your kids on their birthday. Explore the article to know more pirate party ideas.

Pirate Party Ideas For Kids

Films and media popularized loads of ‘bloodshed’ stories of history in such a stylish light that people still consider the symbols of those stories as fashion accessories. The adventure legends of pirates are of those most popular pieces of history. Piracy is almost a war-kind of act committed by private party [most of the times, group of convicts and outlaws] that engages in activities of criminal violence and robbery at sea. Pirates existed as long as man used sea as a trade route. Looting money and other precious properties is the sole aim of the pirates. People have this fascination for the adventures of the past so fiction writers and filmmakers popularized the pirate stories with best sellers like 'Treasure Island' and blockbusters like 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Gradually, people who badly wanted to celebrate their birthday parties with innovative ideas have got inspired from these pirate stories and thus started the saga of pirate parties. Today, it is one of the most favorite birthday party themes of children. Read on the article to know more about pirate party ideas.
Interesting Pirate Party Ideas For Kids 

A Pirate Invitation
The party invitations should be crafted in such a way that they can heighten the suspense element and curiosity in the minds of the children. This can propel them to attend the party at any cost. Treasures are always interesting for human beings and attaching a treasure map with the invitation is a stunning idea to catch kids’ attraction instantaneously. It would also be appealing, if you use the pirate argot in the invitation. 

Pirate Fashion
You may know that the pirate style of dressing is very unique and stylish. The same features should reflect in the clothing and accessories for the party. You can purchase very loose tee shirts in black, yellow, blue, and white colors and a contrasting sash to put around the waist. Pirates outfit is incomplete without accessories such as a bandanna to tie around the head, a pirate hat or an eye patch and a sword. 

Pirate Party Decorations
The room should look like a pirate’s hide out. Decide a color tone for your room and place all the furniture and other properties according to it. You can decorate the children’s room with a lot of flags, seashells, fishnets, crossbones, and skulls. Keeping the toys of sea creatures such as starfish, sea snakes, sharks will heighten the mood of the party. Pasting some pirate movie posters such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” is also a great idea. It makes the whole party very creative and exciting, if you paint cardboard boxes brown and put some artificial jewelry and plastic in it, which symbolically would represent the loot of the pirates.

Pirate Party Games
One of the most important factors, which would stir the spirit up in a pirate party, is pirate games. Children enjoy these game to a large extent. You can let the kids create their own tag names, which will be a very interesting pirate party idea. Assign some rocking names such as Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Clegg, and Captain Richard Worley, to children and provide them paper or card stock paper with color sketches to write their names on it. Let them design it in whatever way they want it. You should place those cards finally on the dinner table where children can sit. 

The food can also be specially designed to remind ‘oceans and ships’. Including lots of sea foods items in your party menu will add more realistic tone to the whole atmosphere. Children would love a triple tiered cake in the shape of a ship .If you are baking your own cake, make it with blue and brown color. The blue color symbolically represents sea and brown represents sand.

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