Low calories drinks help you to reduce the intake of calories. Explore the article to know more about low calorie drinks.

Low Calorie Drinks

Do you think that nobody except God and his sculptures finds you appealing because you are fat? If you want to escape from your frumpy image of being a fat bag, it is high time to shift to low calorie drinks instead of taking umpteen numbers of alcoholic drinks, in parties. Alcoholic beers are the storehouses of large calories which can transform you into a ‘fat actress’ Kirstie Alley in a matter of few days. You may forget the number of beers you take when you are high. So, it is better to go for a Bloody Mary or Slender wine instead of having loads of beers or brandies. If you are not an alcoholic person, do yourself a little favor by making some low calories drinks such as lemonade or ice tea for getting in shape. Read on the article to know more about low calories drinks.
Low Calorie Drinks Recipes 
  • Non-alcoholic beers are considered as low calorie drinks. People who want to reduce fat are scared of beer because beer is considered as the main culprit, which increases your belly fat. Less alcoholic beers are always less fattening ones when compared to alcoholic beers.
  • Lemonade is basically a low calorie drink. It is easy to prepare and is a perfect drink, which cools you down in a few seconds. It takes one-cup cold water, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1 package sugar substitute, and half cup crushed ice to make low calorie lemonade. You can make it in 30 seconds and garnish it with a piece of orange or lemon.
  • Sangria Sparkler is a great low calorie drink, which is basically a summer drink. Sangria is a Spanish beverage and the meaning of the word sangria is 'bloody’. Sliced oranges act as a traditional addition to this tasty drink. It takes one cup of orange juice, brandy, 2-teaspoon sugar substitute, two medium oranges, club soda, and crushed ice to make this drink.
  • Iced coffee is also a low calorie drink. It takes instant coffee, sugar substitute, skim milk, and cups of crushed ice to make it. You can make this drink in a minute or two. Iced tea also falls in this category.
  • Mojito is a refreshing drink on hot summer days. If you are a worshipper of margaritas, which have almost 400 calories in them, you can shift to this fantastic drink to reduce the calorie intake.
  • Slender wine is one good option if you are dying for a low calorie drink. It has no added sugars and thus, very less calories.Slender wine suddenly got an aura of fame because of its inclusion in the Oscar’s gift baskets.It is basically a perfect drink for figure conscious people because it has a natural sweetener that doesn't contain carbohydrates, sugar and fat. It usually comes in three flavors: slender white, slender blush and slender red.
  • Bloody Mary is a perfect alternative to beer and other alcoholic drinks for the party. It takes vodka, tomato juice, fresh limejuice, and tabasco to make a ‘Bloody Mary’. It’s much lower in fat when compared to other party drinks and filled with vitamins and antioxidants.

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