Save cherished memories of your children, family members and friends, by making photo frames. Learn how to make picture frames for kids, with this article.

How To Make Picture Frames For Kids

The summer holidays have begun and the kids seem to be restless. They have tried all the tricks possible and are stiff bored. The relentless afternoon sun outside compels them to stay indoors, with their bubbling energy bouncing off the walls. How many parents have faced this trying situation? On a lazy summer afternoon or on a rainy day, there are many ways to redirect the buzzing energy of kids constructively. The best creative outlet is to engage in arts and crafts such as painting, drawing, sketching, hand painting, pottery and clay sculpturing. Everyone appreciates handmade gifts, especially from children. In this context, making picture frames is a good idea. Whether it is for Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year or a birthday, picture frames can also prove to be a more functional and artistic gift than a card. To make a picture frame, you will need scissors, glue, cards, stickers, rubber stamps, glitter, decorative material for embellishments - such as lace, ribbons, seashells, gems, old CDs; and other useful items. Picture frames can include photographs of friends, pets or even a frame that could form a family tree of relatives. If frames are being made for kids, they could include photographs of the child’s favorite comic hero or movie celebrity. Picture frames need not be square or rectangular in shape; they can be circular, oval-shaped or having any artistic design, to make them unique. There are many creative ways to make a picture frame; with one of them explained below. Read on to know how to make picture frames for kids
Making Photo Frames For Children
  • To make a frame, you could either buy a simple, readymade one or make the same from empty candy boxes or other material.
  • If you are buying readymade frame, you can decorate it with unique embellishments, such as seashells, gems, beads, lace or ribbons. You could also use sand, pine cones, leaves or pebbles to give it an earthy feel. To use sand, first mix white glue and water and apply on the frame, with a foam brush. Sprinkle sand or even glitter on it and let it dry. Once dry, shake off the excess material gently. You could even use doll accessories to beautify the frame.
  • If you are making a frame, you could use different materials available around the house. Empty candy boxes, CDs or CD cases, craft clay or even fabric work very well.
  • There are various ways in which you could make a provision, in order to hang the frame. You could tie a ribbon to the top corners or attach a loop made of strong thread. An interesting idea is to use magnetic adhesive on the back of the frame, so that it could be hung on the refrigerator, a magnetic board or metal lamp.
  • A simple method to make a frame would include the following steps. First, take an empty box or container and cut the shape of your frame design. Trim photographs or pictures to fit within the frame. Coat the box with attractive acrylic colors or make designs with rubber stamps and stickers. Glue the photograph or picture to keep it in place within the frame and glue the upper and lower parts of the frame too. You could add more decorations to make the frame more attractive. Finally, you could add the ribbon, loop or magnetic strip behind the frame, so that it can be hung.
  • If you wish, you could also add a personalized message, which could be pasted with double-sided tape on the back of the frame.

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