Feel yourself like a celebrity by wearing celebrity costumes. Read the article below for tips on celebrity costumes.

Celebrity Costume Ideas

Costume parties are perhaps the best and the cheapest way to get into celebrities’ shoes. In our minds they have a standard image that can be replicated very effectively and also can be identified by almost everyone. You can choose either a character like the ‘Hulk’ or the ‘Shrek’ or you can impersonate real life celebs like Madonna or Elvis. However, in today’s costume parties, Dracula and his entire vampire clan are being forced into the shadows with more evil nemesis taking over. The ‘Joker’ is a very good example. This ‘villain of the century’ can set a chill, any time and at any costume party, leaving your vampires and werewolves sweating in their makeup. Or if you don’t want to dress villainy, you could storm into a party dressed like lady Gaga or even Barack and Michelle Obama complete with a ‘hope’ and ‘change’ speech. Whatever it is, celebrity costumes depend on the ‘wow’ factor and the more outrageous (that is detailed) you are, the more eyeballs, you will grab. So, if you are looking for a special celebrity costume, then go through the article below to know some celebrity costume ideas.
Ideas For Celebrity Costumes
Bollywood Celebrities
This is for all those people who are a little bit plump. Wear a yellow jeans and green shirt and throw in some red shades. ‘Match’ these with a pair of white boots and drape a purple sweater on your shoulders. Do a little jig from time to time. Of course you won’t find these at the regular store but must source them from, probably, a fancy dress store.
Bappi Lahiri
He is another celebrity noted for his outrageous costumes. Wear plenty of imitation gold and silver necklaces with enormous lockets. Wear a gold threaded shirt with colossal floral designs. Wear any pant you like, no one is going to notice. And don’t forget to put on dark shades and talk in a heavy Bengali accent.
Only for the bold (and beautiful, if possible). Smother your face with makeup taking care to highlight the eyelashes. For clothes, the only criteria are that it should be as short as possible with plenty of glitter and gold. If possible break into a song and dance.
If you are looking for an all white ensemble then this is the celebrity you should go for. Wear white suit with white pointy boots and you are done. Look royal and charismatic.
Hollywood Celebrities
Edward Cullen
To dress up for this new age vampire you just got to be yourself. No long nails, fangs or blood. Dress in trendy clothes and don’t smile. Neither should you blink. Wear a light foundation to give a pale look to your face.
Michael Jackson
Since his death last year Michael Jackson has been a rage in celebrity costume parties. Keep his memory alive by dressing like him. Wear a tight gilded waistcoat with white straight shorts that stop till the ankle. Team these with white socks and black pumps. Put on white laced gloves on both hands and ‘moon walk’ into the party.
Marlin Monroe
Simple and elegant, this lady will never go out of fashion. A plain frock that stops just a little bit above the knee is all that is required. Have bob hair cut and wear lipstick and you are all set to hog all attentions and for that you don’t even require to blow up your skirt.

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