Pool games can help a child evade the fear of water. Read the article given below to know various pool activities for kids.

Pool Activities For Kids

Kids love splashing and what better way to engage them than organizing pool activities for kids. When your children are getting bored in their summer vacations, you can make their holidays fun by organizing pool activities for them. Water games are not only fun but also help the children lose their fear of water. However, before you organize pool activities for kids you need to consider several things. The most important thing, which you have to consider, is safety. If you are taking the children to the community swimming pool, then make sure that you choose the swimming pool with shallow water and there be ample of lifeguards. If you are planning the games at home, then keep the pool water shallow and always have one adult to one child ratio for safety.
Pool Games For Kids
Marco Polo
The classical swimming pool game has its own charm. Just have many kids inside the pool and tie a blindfold against one player’s eyes. Now the player will call out loudly “Marco” and wait for the reply “Polo”. On hearing the response, the kid should go in the direction in which he heard the voice. Upon tagging any other player, the person who is tagged becomes the “Marco” and the game continues.
This is a very fun activity for the children. Get the children in a shallow pool. Now let them divide themselves in two groups and set them in two lines. The player at the front should pass the ball over his head to the one behind him. Now the player who has the ball passes the ball from under his legs to the next person. The next one shall pass the ball over his head and so on. When the ball reaches the last person, the last person should swim to the first person. The team to finish first wins.  
Hide The Balloons
It is a very funny game and you can organize this game with only one prop that is balloons. Get two three dozen balloons and place them in a shallow pool. All the participants should be able to grab maximum number of balloons under their bodies and the person with the maximum number of balloons wins.
Balance On Water
It is good for little children. Just inflate an air mattress and float it in the water. Tell all the kids to stand up straight up on it. Don’t allow any pushing and have a small gift ready for the person who stays for longest. If you don’t want to use the air mattress, you can use different tubes and make the children stand on their respective tubes.
Bottle Race
This game is suitable for children from five to 10 years old. All the contenders race from one end of the pool to another. All they have to do is to push the empty plastic can from their feet. The first one to reach the race point wins.
Piranha Ball
Let all the children hold the hand and make a circle. Now float a ball inside the circle made by the children. All the children should try to keep away from touching the ball. If a person touches the ball, he/she is out and the remaining players make a circle without him/her. The ball should not go out of the circle.
Cross The Crocodile
This game is same as the ‘crocodile crocodile’ game but only in water. All the players huddle and pick a type of fish for them such as goldfish, starfish, clownfish etc. Only one person is named as crocodile. The person who is named as crocodile is made to stand in middle of the pool with his/her back towards others. Now the person rapidly calls out the name of the fish, one by one without looking back. The fishes whose names are called should quietly begin to swim to the other side. If the crocodile catches him/her in middle, the caught person becomes the next crocodile and the game continues.

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