Flower basket is an important part of your wedding. Read on to know how to decorate flower girl basket.

How To Decorate Flower Girl Basket

While we are preparing for our wedding, we tend to neglect few things, which we think are negligible such as a flower girl basket. What we don’t know is that these little things only make our wedding a beautiful event to all the people related to us. Traditionally a flower girl walks ahead of the bride and tosses the flower petals in front of the bride for her to walk down the aisle on the petals. However generally what the brides so is, buy some simple flower basket online and give it to their flower girl. If you don’t have time, buying makes a good option, but it is nothing compared to a flower basket made by you via DIY (do it yourself) if you can find time for it. Can you imagine the flower girl walking down the aisle with pride in her eyes as she walks with the basket made for her by you? There is no better feeling than that, isn’t it? So, why not surprise and amaze your beautiful flower girl by decorating the basket by yourself. Explore the following pointers to know the tips for decorating flower girl basket. 

Tips For Decorating Flower Girl Basket 
  • Before you buy the basket, you need to consider the age of the flower girl. You need to invest in the basket according to the age group of the girl. If the girl is small and thin, then a small basket would be an appropriate choice. However if the girl is a little big, then you could go with a large basket. Keep in mind that the girl should be able to carry the basket with one hand.
  • You need to keep in mind that the basket should be large enough to hold the desired amount of flower petals. If the flower girl is small then you could choose a basket, which is relatively deeper than other baskets even with a small width. The flower girl may be able to carry more flower petals in that kind of basket and will not have any problem in holding that too.
  • You would get the basket from any craft store. Take a basket with one handle and not very big. You could also get it weaved according to your choice. Many people are now opting for flower cone or flower tote instead of flower basket. If you want to go for something different from a flower basket and the flower girl is not very small, then you could go for a flower pail or flower wicker too.
  • Now choose a natural or white colored flower basket. You could also buy the colored one depending on the theme of the wedding. You could even match it to your wedding gown or with the dress of the flower girl.
  • Buy colorful satin ribbons too. Invest in colorful wide and narrow ribbons and try to coordinate with the color of the flower girl’s dress or with the theme of the wedding. Buy enough satin to cover the basket properly. Five to six yards of wide satin and two to three yards of narrow satin would be sufficient for a small basket.
  • Cover the base of the basket with a wide satin and tape or stitch. If the predominant color of your wedding is, white than, cover the whole base with white colored satin. Now cover the handle of the basket using a striking colored narrow satin.
  • Now choose the flower, fresh or artificial to decorate the basket. You could also decorate it from outside with corsages and brooches.
  • Stick satin bows from all the sides with hot glue gun and you could let the bows bottom trail down the basket to a length of four to six inches below. You could use wide bows for the each handle side, as it will cover any knotted portion.
  • Now attach artificial flower to the basket. You could do it after weaving their stems through open spaces in the basket.
  • You could also make decorate the basket according to the theme of the wedding. If your wedding is themed as spring wedding, then you could use all the spring flowers and even the satin could also be bought according to the theme of the wedding. For a Victorian themed wedding, use tulle and golden colored satin. For a beach wedding, you could use artificial glittering shells and starfish to decorate the basket. For a garden themed wedding, decorate the basket with artificial fruits. For an elegant wedding, you could use chiffon and Swarovski crystal to decorate the flower basket.
  • You could attach the fresh flowers to the basket by attaching the wire with it and twisting the wire ends and tucking the end to the inside of the basket to keep it hidden.
  • Now add fresh rose petals to the basket to the brim. If you want, you could use artificial silk rose petals instead of real ones. Carnation petals are a cheaper yet beautiful option to rose petals. Your flower basket is ready to be carried by your flower girl.

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