The gift basket for a first time mom should include the things that would be required by her after giving birth to her child. Explore the ideas for first time mother gift basket, in the article.

Gift Basket For A First Time Mom

Coming home with her newborn is an elating experience for a woman, especially if she is a first time mom. She would want to nurture her child in her own private sanctuary, protecting the little one from the rest of the world. However, when she realizes that all the necessities for nurturing the infant are not within easy reach, her energy levels might go down. This is where comes the thoughtfulness of presenting a gift basket, filled with all the necessities, at the time when she needs them badly. We are here to help you with some nice ideas for arranging a gift basket for a first time mom.
First Time Mother Gift Basket Ideas
For The First Few Days
You may fill a wicker basket with all the things that the new mom will need for the first few days, after getting discharged from the hospital. Small washcloths and a baby soap will be useful for the mom, to bathe her newborn. She would need an alcohol solution, with cotton swabs, in order to care for the umbilical cord during the first few days after delivery.
Breastfeeding Essentials
Breastfeeding essentials will prove to be very useful for the first time mom. Arrange a few disposable breast pads, non-toxic healing creams and antiseptic spray (to soothe and heal sore or cracked nipples) in a basket. Gift wrap it and present it to her. The supplies would help the new mother nurse her child effortlessly.
Cleaning Supplies
Since newborns have a very sensitive skin, the first time mother would need special cleaning supplies handy. You may present them to her, in a gift basket. Include a 'special detergent', required for washing the baby's clothes, and disinfecting wipes. Wrap it with a colorful paper. This basket will ensure that the baby is nurtured in a clean environment.
Bedding Supplies
You may present the new mom with a gift basket containing the basic bedding needs. Fill the basket with some crib sheets, mattress pads and cotton washcloths. The things will add to the comfort of the baby and please the first-time mother as well.

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