The traditional food of Wales is sumptuous and hearty. Explore interesting information about the Welsh cuisine, with this article.

Welsh Cuisine

Welsh cuisine, i.e. the cuisine of Wales, is highly influenced by the culinary practices adopted in England. The inhabitants of Wales largely make use of lamb and pork in their traditional recipes, apart from bacon. When you are feasting on Welsh cuisine, you should make sure not to miss on its traditional delicacies, which have a different taste and flavor. Although bacon, lamb and pork are kept as the basic ingredients in most of the popular dishes, you will get to see recipes made of cabbage and leek also, in the Welsh cuisine. Go through the article and learn more about the traditional food of Wales.
Popular Dishes
The traditional food of Wales is made from the local ingredients available in the country. Bara Brith (sweet bread made with raisins, Zante currant and candied peel) is a traditional food of Wales and boasts of great popularity in the country. 'Cawl', a stew made of lamb and leeks, is something that cannot be missed, while relishing Welsh cuisine. Another popular dish, prepared by the natives of the country, is Roast Lamb, cooked with mint sauce.
The small Welsh cakes, cooked on bake stone, satisfy the sweet tooth of the people. Apart from this, the other popular dishes in Welsh cuisine include Leek Soup, Crempogs (pancakes made with flour, salt, eggs, milk and butter), steamed Cockles, Faggots (meatballs made from lamb or pig's liver), Laverbread (made of seaweed and bacon) and Roast Monkfish. All of them are rich in taste as well as aroma.
Some More Information
The sumptuous traditional Welsh breakfast consists of eggs and cockles, fried with bacon and sausage and served with laver bread. Ketchup is used as a common condiment, along with it. Meat is often used in Welsh cuisine, because the country is well known for its supply of sheep. Pork is another important ingredient used to prepare traditional Welsh food. Bacon also finds use in a variety of Welsh recipes.
The people living in the coastal areas of the country make use of seafood in their cooking. In fact, it is clearly visible from the use of cockles and laver in Welsh cuisine that fishing is popular in the country. Wales is well known for manufacturing a wide variety of cheese as well, including Caerphilly cheese, Y Fenni cheese, Hen-Sir cheese, Llanboidy cheese, Tintern and Pantysgawn. It is also popular for Welsh beer and whiskey. Glengettie is the famous Welsh tea.

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