English cuisine is widely popular in countries across the world, other than its homeland. Explore the article to get interesting information about the traditional food of England.

English Cuisine

English cuisine, native to England, is shaped by the temperate climate, geography and history of the country. Apart from the traditional food that is made with local ingredients, English cuisine consists of ingredients imported from other countries as well, like North America, China and India. The traditional food of the country is flavored strongly. The flavor of the recipes has also been influenced by post-war immigration. Read on to explore some more interesting information on the cuisine of England.
Popular Dishes
The traditional Fish and Chips (deep-fried cod or haddock fish, with fried potato chips) recipe of England has gained international popularity. Served with mushy peas and flavored with salt and malt vinegar, it counts as a popular take-away food in the country. You can also find scampi (deep fried breaded prawns) and fish cakes being served in the food courts of England. Traditional Sausage (Cumberland sausages), Cottage Pie (meat pie with mash potatoes in the crust) and Faggot (meatballs made from pig heart, liver or bacon and minced with herbs and bread crumbs) are other popular dishes of English cuisine.
Bangers and Mash (pork or beef sausages, served with mashed potatoes) is another well known traditional English recipe. People in the country also relish on a mouthwatering dish made from the vegetables of the leftover roast dinner, called Bubble and Squeak (served with cold meat and pickles). Cauliflower cheese is another English main course dish, made with boiled pieces of cauliflower and covered with a layer of milk-based cheese sauce and cheddar. Grated cheese, mixed with bread crumbs, is used as toppings for the dish.
The traditional English dinner for Sunday is popularly known as the Sunday Roast. It typically consists of roasted beef, lamb or chicken, roasted potatoes and vegetables. The meal is served with gravy and Yorkshire pudding. The hearty and sumptuous English breakfast generally consists of bacon, sausages, black pudding, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, half a tomato and scrambled eggs, although the key ingredients may vary from region to region.
Some More Information
The tea time in England, during mid-afternoon, is something that the people would never miss. With the hot brew of tea (served with lemon or milk), they enjoy feasting on sconces, butterfly cakes, biscuits and sandwiches. The tradition of serving sconces with the afternoon tea is native to the Imperial Britain. Apart from the typical British dishes, England is famous for the production of a wide variety of cheese. Derived from cow's milk, the cheese produced in the country is generally hard, one of the most common types being Cheddar. Other varieties of cheese include Tangy Cheshire, Salty Caerphilly, Sage Derby, Double Glouchester, Wensleydale and Red Leicester.

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