Robin Hood is an imaginary character and a popular hero in the English folklore. Explore some fun and interesting facts about Robin Hood, through this article.

Robin Hood Facts

Robin Hood is an imaginary character in the English folklore, believed by some people as a real hero, who existed in the medieval period, till date. Robin Hood has been considered the symbol for heroism. In fact, it is believed that he set the culture of looting the rich people and distributing the wealth to poor and needy. The archetypal figure has been one of the most popular characters in both movies and bed time stories, since ages. If you want to know some interesting and fun facts about Robin Hood, go through the lines below.
Fun And Interesting Facts About Robin Hood 
  • In the popular stories, Robin Hood has been portrayed as a simple person, who adopted the outlawed ways to oppose the harsh rule of the elite class.
  • According to the old ballads, Robin Hood, along with his followers, wandered in the greenery of Sherwood, near Nottingham, in central England. It is said that they lived a frivolous life, hunting the king's deer and robbing the affluent people.
  • The stories of Robin Hood say that he and his followers looted the rich travelers and distributed the wealth to poor people. However, they never hurt women or children. This is the reason why Robin Hood is a popular folktale among the poor.
  • It is believed that Robin Hood was outlawed, for the first time, for poaching a deer.
  • It has been cited that Robin Hood was the leader of a band of fellow outlaws. They were collectively called the 'Merry Men'.
  • Legend says that Robin Hood robbed the affluent people, in order to provide justice to the poor and the needy.
  • It is a popular belief that the character of Robin Hood resembles a real person, who lived in the medieval times.
  • One of the earliest references to Robin Hood is in the story 'Prince of Thieves', which dates back to 14th century.
  • It is said that Robin Hood was referred to as Hobbehod and sometimes, as Robert Hod. It is believed that he was the son of Adam Hood, a forester.
  • Some people say that Robin Hood was born in 1280. He lived in Yorkshire, with his wife Matilda.
  • According to a research, a person named William de Fevre was declared as an outlaw and was given the nickname 'Robin Hood'. The records reveal that in the earlier times, every outlawed person was named Robin Hood.
  • Tales woven around Robin Hood symbolize the 'triumph of good over the evil'. Hence, he has been portrayed as a 'positive' outlaw.
  • Actors Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner and Sean Connery popularized the fictitious character of Robin Hood in Hollywood films.
  • It has been alleged that Robin Hood died at the hands of a kinswoman, the Abbess of Kirklees Priory.

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