Tea party gift baskets can be arranged in a variety of ways. Explore the article and get some bright ideas for tea party gift basket.

Tea Party Gift Baskets

A fun way to socialize and pass the time with your friends is to host a tea party. However, before planning to throw a tea party, it is vital to consider the gifts that you would distribute to your guests. What about a tea party gift basket? Gift baskets of all kinds are very popular these days. You can get beautiful tea gift baskets in varying price range, from the cheap to the expensive ones. Apart from the shop-bought ones, you have the choice of homemade ones as well. You can make your own personalized gift baskets, by assorting various items related to the tea party, in a fun way. If you are looking for some bright ideas for tea party gift baskets, go through the article.
Tea Party Gift Basket Ideas 
  • Choose a medium-sized wicker basket for arranging the gifts. Line the basket with napkins and arrange some cookies, a tablecloth (neatly folded), tea bags and holders in it. You may tie the tea bags together with red ribbon, so that they look attractive. Now, wrap a colored cellophane paper around the wicker basket. Your tea party gift basket is ready!
  • English tea party gift basket is an elegant option for your guests. In an oval shaped basket, arrange Chelsea loose tea, along with crispy treats, shortbread cookies, candies and honey sticks. The gift will surely be a visual treat for the guests, apart from being a delight for the taste buds.
  • If you are planning a garden tea party, arrange some tea bags in it, along with biscuits and wrapped candy bars. You may opt for a rectangular gift basket for the same.
  • One of the most popular baskets for tea parties is the gourmet basket. Include some assorted dark chocolates in the basket, along with white peppermint. Do not forget to include tea bags in the gift basket!
  • For the health conscious people, presenting herbal tea baskets is a good idea. Along with the herbal tea, you may include some wheat biscuits and other healthy snacks as well.
  • Fill a basket with tea cups, tea cakes and tea bags. You may include some candies or peppermint in it as well. Gift-wrap the basket and present it to your guest.
  • Fill an oversized cup basket with shortbread cookies, peach or apricot, cornmeal, tea bags and milk chocolate cherry bar. You may also include cranberry tea in the basket.
  • In a wire basket, place nuts, cookies and tea bags, along with a pair of tea cups. This will serve as a good gift basket for the guests of your tea party.

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