Homemade food gift baskets are easy to prepare and less expensive, as compared to the shop-bought ones. Explore some bright ideas for holiday food gift baskets, in the article.

Holiday Food Gift Baskets

Whether you are planning to throw a party on a holiday or are going on an outing with your loved ones, choosing some unique gifts for them is a nice idea to make the day a memorable one. However, presenting the perfect holiday gift to your loved ones is a confusing task. Although you can select a wide variety of unique gifts for them, filling gift baskets with their favorite items is a nice idea. Since everyone loves to enjoy enticing treats, like chocolates, cakes and other delicacies, presenting food baskets will be the best bet. Read on to get some nice ideas for holiday food gift baskets.
Homemade Holiday Food Gift Basket Ideas
Fruit Basket
Fruit baskets are attractive and easy to make as well. Choose fruits that won't rot for a couple of days, such as grapefruit, pears, apples and oranges. Line a wire basket with napkins and place the fruits in it. Fill the gaps in between the fruits with nuts, wheat crackers, dried fruits and bread sticks. Wrap cellophane paper around the basket to seal it. Your holiday fruit gift basket is ready!
Sweet Treats Basket
Line a gift basket with tissue papers. Arrange a dozen of butter rum candied pecans, chocolate pecan fudge, peanut butter fudge, brownies, shortbread cookies, wrapped candies and chocolate bars on the tissue papers. Fill the gaps with silk flowers, to make the basket look attractive. This will make a beautiful gift basket for the holidays!
Appetizer Basket
An appetizer gift basket is easy to make and best suited for holiday. Fill a wicker basket with a mouthwatering appetizer, such as potato French fries. Slip in a few packets of tomato ketchup as well. Give a finishing touch to the gift basket, by adding roasted peppers, olive spread and herbed crackers. Now, wrap in a colored cellophane paper and present it to your loved ones!
Seafood Basket
A small-sized wooden crate is best suited for a seafood gift basket. Add canned seafood like crabmeat, sardines and shrimp into the crate. You can make the gift even more attractive by including lobster crackers, a clam knife, shrimp peeler/cleaner, cocktail sauce, tarter sauce, lemon juicer, and a small seafood cookbook in it.
Soup Basket
Another bright idea is to make a soup gift basket. Choose a wicker basket for the purpose. After lining the basket with linen cloth, add dry beans, dry soup mixes, oyster crackers and a soup ladle to it. You may also slip in a couple of soup bowls with spoons.
Salad Basket
A salad gift basket is perfectly suited for the holiday season. Line a medium sized gift basket with cloth napkins. Add oil and vinegar cruets, salad mixing spoon, cheese grater, lemon juicer and dried condiments (oregano, basil and parsley). You may add a small bottle of olive oil and a few bread sticks as well. Place a kitchen towel, neatly folded, in the gift basket, to give the finishing touch.
Wine Basket
A perfect way to spend the holiday is to sip wine, along with smooth delicacies. Arrange a set of wine glasses and a bottle of red or white wine in a wicker basket, lined with linen kitchen towel. Add gourmet foods and snacks, like wine biscuits, cheese and flavored crackers.
An assortment of delicacies would make a lovely holiday food gift basket. Purchase a medium sized wicker basket for the purpose. Arrange crisps, chocolate toffee almonds, caramel popcorn, chocolate cupcakes, cheese, tea bags, biscuits, candy bars and roasted garlic salsa in the basket.

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