Gifts enhance the feeling of achievement for a college graduate, on completing his degree. With this article, explore some gift ideas for a college graduate.

Gift Ideas For A College Graduate

Raising children is like a full time job; it calls for a lot of dedication and hard work. From the moment your child takes his/her first step to the first job, nothing makes parents happier than their little angel progressing in life. When the first time parents hear their child crying or giggling it melts their hearts, it is the same feeling they feel when their child graduates for the first time. Graduating means that a child is all grown up now and is ready for the real world; nothing makes parents more proud of than watching the apple of their eye holding a degree in his/her hands, ready to take on the world. It fills their hearts with fond memories of the past and hopeful wishes for the future. Even in the child’s life, graduation is a big turning point. Graduation brings along a lot of anticipation and feeling of fulfillment. On such a great occasion, why not make your loved one feel all the more special and gift him/her with something that he/she will remember for a lifetime. The gift should remind him/her of your love and care, and also how proud his/her graduation has made you feel. It should be so impactful that every time he/she looks at the gift, he/she will think of the exact moment you gave it to him. This means that you should gift your new graduate something that will, preferably, last him/her for a lifetime, just like his/her college graduation degree. You should also make sure that the gift must have a personal touch, something that represents you. It does not have to expensive; it only needs to be thoughtful. You can also gift your graduate with something that will help him/her perform better in the professional world, since it is his/her first step towards the world of professionalism. If your child has been leaving you hints as to what to get him/her then read these hints and get the exact thing that he/she wants. It will make your graduate feel like he/she has earned it after all the hard work he/she had put in college to be successful. Amongst the caps, gowns, degrees, speeches and standing ovations, your gift should also stand out. If you want some help then here are some ideas on what to gift a college graduate.
College Graduation Gift Ideas
  • Frame It: It is a proud thing to own a college degree; let your young one show it off and get it framed for him/her. He/she can put it in his own apartment or if he is living with you then you can proudly display it in your living room. If he/she has his/her own office then it will hang perfectly there.
  • Adorning New Apartment: If your graduate is moving into a new apartment then gift him/her things that he/she would need for the new house. You can also gift a gift certificate for a home depot, leaving him/her with a wide range of options to choose from. You can also gift him/her some home utility things, such as furniture, dishes, microwave, etc.
  • Briefcase: An elegant briefcase is one of the best options, when it comes to buying gifts for a college graduate. Since he/she is ready to take on the professional world, a briefcase for office use would be ideal. These briefcases do not only come in masculine designs but you can also get them in feminine designs and colors. These feminine briefcase handbags are a great hit in the corporate culture.
  • Portfolio: An impressive leather portfolio is also a nice option to explore, when gifting a college graduate. He/she can put all his important certificates and mark sheets in it. The male leather portfolio generally comes in hard leather and in strong masculine colors like black, brown or navy blue. While female leather portfolios are made from much softer leather material and comes in beautiful feminine colors like red, vine-red, etc.
  • Books: Books form an eternal choice for a college graduate. A good book about young people and their success would be the most ideal option. You can also explore other genres, such as fiction, non-fiction, spirituality, philosophy and romance, as per his/her liking.
  • Laptop: If you have a high budget, a laptop would make a worthy purchase. In this tech-savvy world, it would serve as the most useful item for a college graduate.
  • Organizer: A professional datebook is not only a budget-friendly option for college graduates, but a useful one as well. The graduates can pen down all the important dates and works in the organizer.
  • Gift Certificates: Gift certificates of a store that sells professional clothing or shoes would make another good choice. Believe it or not, a person always runs short of good clothes and shoes.
  • Gadgets: The youngsters of today are tech-savvy and crave for the latest gadgets and gizmos. A professional cell phone would be an ideal option, when it comes to presenting college graduate..
  • Photograph: If you get hold of his/her favorite picture dating back to the college days, the best option would be to get it fixed in a photo frame or get it printed on a t-shirt.
  • Vacation: How about sending the graduate to a nice vacation? After all, he/she has worked hard to get the degree and deserves a nice relaxing vacation. You can send your graduate to a destination that he/she has always wanted to go to .
  • Memories: You can gift him/her with a collection of his/her best memories from college as your graduate is definitely going to miss the time spent there. It can be a sweatshirt with the college’s name at the back, a workout outfit with college’s logo on the front, a travel bag with college’s motto on it, an alumni bumper sticker or a portfolio. Generally the campus bookstores sell product like these around the time of graduation day. Or you can also get this custom made.
  • A Pen Forever: This is a classic gift that never loses its grace. You can buy a nice, classy looking pen and get your graduate’s name and his/her college’s name engraved on it. He/she will cherish it for the rest of his/her life; it will be like a souvenir from the precious days spent in the college. 
  • Family Heirloom: Graduation day is a big day not only for the graduate but for the whole family. To show that you are proud of your young one, pass on a family memorabilia or a family memento to show that the whole family respects his/her achievements.  

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