The gifts chosen for baptism should be able to convey a meaning. With the ideas given in the article, you will know how to choose meaningful baptism gifts.

Baptism Gifts With Meaning

The religious ceremony of baptism is important for every child following Christianity. In the ceremony, Holy Water is sprinkled on the child in order to baptize him/her and admit him/her as a full member of the Christian church, in which baptism is administered. Since so much religious importance is attached to the ceremony, the gifts chosen to be bestowed upon the child should also be chosen thoughtfully. The presents should convey a meaning, rather than just being yet another keepsake. Explore the article and get some bright ideas for baptism gifts with meaning.
Meaningful Baptism Gift Ideas 
  • Buy a solid brass baptism cross. Make sure to choose one that has the image of baptism, along with the words of the 'essential rite', underneath the cross. This is a nice gesture to affirm the statement of faithfulness to Jesus Christ, when the child is being baptized.
  • Present the child with a brown or white-colored musical guardian angel bear. When you wind up the tail of the soft toy, the music box hidden inside it would play 'Jesus Loves Me'.
  • An embroidered blanket can be converted into a personalized baptism gift for the child. Stitch on the child's name, along with the date of the baptism ceremony, onto the blanket. You may also present him/her a muffler/scarf with the initials of his/her name embroidered onto the fabric.
  • A traditional gift to bestow upon the child, on baptism, is a silver baptism medal. It is a meaningful gift, which the receiver will remember even after he/she grows up.
  • Another wonderful baptism gift comprises of sacramental charm bracelet. The child would cherish the gift, as he/she grows up with complete belief in the faith and the Almighty.
  • To remind the child that he/she has become a member of the 'God's Family', present a wooden cross wall plaque.
  • The ceremony of baptism is a good opportunity to introduce the baptized child to the Holy Bible. You may present a book of Bible, with special illustrations that look appealing to the child.
  • Present a photo album, which holds all the cherished photos of the special day and preserves them for many years to come. It will serve as a wonderful keepsake as well.
  • Infant-sized jewelry, both precious and semi-precious, is easily available in the stores. Since you are looking for a baptism gift with meaning, purchase a cross necklace or bracelet for the child.

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