Baptism is a big day in the life of a little baby! Mark the occasion with meaningful baptism gifts they'll cherish when they grow up.

Gifts For Baptism

Baptism, often called christening, is a Christian religious practice of initiating an infant into the Christian faith. A typical ceremony is conducted at a church by a priest or a minster, and is often followed by a large party. As with any celebration, it is customary to bring a gift along, more so for baptisms. What makes it difficult to choose the right gift for the occasion is the fact that the baby is usually gifted with items such as clothing and toys. For that reason, it is important to choose a gift that is both symbolic and memorable. Usually a keepsake or a souvenir is always a great gift idea. However, one that is personalized is even better. Almost any gift can be personalized, either by engraving or embroidery. Your best bet would be to have the item personalized with details such as the baby’s name, initials or the christening date. Finding something special for the occasion is not only important for the child, but it should be meaningful to the parents as well. So consider giving a gift that will become a treasured memory for both the child and the parents. Below are a few gift ideas that could come handy. Remember however that it is always better to give a thoughtful present late than to give a rushed gift on time.
Gift Ideas For Baptism

Traditional Gifts
These include religious items such as personalized bibles, religious books, ceramic crosses and rosaries. Silver or silver plated gifts are also associated with traditional gift fiving. This does not only mean jewelry, but can also include a christening plate with the baby’s name, a photo frame or even the baby’s first tooth holder. Custom-made wall plaques, shadow boxes, certificates and photos tend to make the event a lasting memory as well. These items can be purchased at religious stores easily. 


Modern Gifts
If you wish to steer clear of the traditional approach, you can gift the child something more modern such as a personalized blanket or quilt or even a scrapbook that can be filled in by the parents.

Practical Gifts
This includes buying gifts that would cater to the baby’s current or future need. It can include diapers, apparel, prams, toy, etc. You can also offer to buy the baptism clothing or even a gift certificate to baby stores.

Gifting jewelry is both thoughtful and meaningful. The choices can range from charm bracelets and chains to even cufflinks, photo lockets and gemstones. Some jewelry stores even offer baptism medals. Often, Godparents prefer to gift the child with silver keepsakes such as a spoon or a small plate.  

Monetary Gifts
It is not unusual for people to give monetary gifts during these ceremonies. However, if you wish to be creative, gift the child a stock or a savings bond. The sentiment can be shown with an illustrated framed stock certificate that can be inscribed with a meaningful sentiment. Sometimes, people even donate to charities or churches in the child’s name.

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