Healthy homemade food gifts are an excellent choice to impress and thank your loved ones. Explore this article to know the different innovative ideas for gifting healthy homemade foods.

Healthy Homemade Food Gifts

Gifts are a great way to present people with lots of love and care. Now, who wouldn’t enjoy receiving homemade foods and other kitchen treats? A lot of healthy homemade food gifts are not only cheaper and healthier than store-bought ones, but often prove to be more personal and meaningful as well. So, get over the usual basket of cookies, cakes and other sweet treats that you generally end up gifting. Move on to the edible homemade gifts, which will definitely bring a smile on your loved one’s face and make those moments special and cherishing. It’s time to pull on your sleeves, enter the kitchen and put on your thinking cap. Read on further and know what healthy food gifts you can prepare at your home.
Healthy Homemade Food Gift Ideas
Soup in a Jar
Catch hold of some large glass containers. Get all the dry ingredients required for the recipe you choose. Carefully measure each ingredient while putting it in the glass container. Pen down the instructions of the recipe on a card and attach it on the jar or simply put it in the container. You can choose from bean and pea soup, veggie soup, bean chili soup, and so on - the list is endless.
Fruit Centerpiece Arrangement
Get some photos of fruit arrangements to have an idea of arranging the edibles. Use cookie cutter to cut the fruits in different interesting shapes. Attach them to long wooden skewer sticks. Now, arrange these fruit flowers in a basket. You can also arrange the fruit flowers in a bouquet.
Gourmet Pancake Mix
We all love pancakes. Who wouldn’t want to have a delicious pancake at the comfort of his/her home! Get all the dry ingredients used for preparing pancakes and try your own flavors. Also add some dry fruit to the mixture and place it in a jar, along with the instructions for preparing pancakes, written on a tag. Be sure to put in only non-perishable items in the jar.
Spice Rubs
Blend some spices and herbs to make a unique spice rub for any meat. Gift this mixture to your loved one and let him/her enjoy the custom blend food with the spices of your love.
Sauce, Jelly & Paste
Get a family recipe or find one online to prepare your own sauce, jelly or paste. This gift would be great for those who love experimenting and canning a lot. Prepare tomato pastes, pesto sauces, fruit jellies, etc. to make wonderful gifts. They are delicious, stay good for a long time, require almost no preparation and are totally inexpensive.
Tex Mex
Take a basket and fill it up with flour tortilla chips, nacho chips, cheese dip, bean dip, salsa, jalapeno peppers, hot pepper sauce, small bottle of tequila, margarita mix, margarita salt, and a packet of paper napkins, along with a taco making kit and a taco holder.
Cooking with Wine
Pick up a wicker basket with a handle or a wooden crate deep enough to hold a bottle of wine. Place in a small bottle soft wine, a corkscrew, wine bottle stoppers, dry spices (thyme, rosemary, basil, tarragon, etc.), olive oil, wine scented candles, cheese, herb crackers, roasted cashews, white cheddar popcorn, chocolate candy, chocolate covered mints, biscotti or shortbread cookies. Also add a tea towel or spoon rest and a wine theme or a ‘Cooking with Wine’ cookbook.

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