Planning a long distance wedding can be tricky. Explore the article to know how to plan a long distance wedding.

How To Plan A Long Distance Wedding

Planning a wedding is not easy. So much goes behind making the most important day of your life as the most memorable day for every one related to you. It is not easy to plan a wedding when you live in the same city, planning a long distance wedding is a whole new ball game. However, if you have always dreamt for getting married from some place special, making it a reality will only make the wedding more special. Today. many people are opting for a long distance wedding as it not only serves a gorgeous backdrop for the wedding ceremony but also serves as a honeymooning place. Trying to marry from afar can be trickier, however, it is completely feasible. So, whether you want to get married in Hawaii or Disneyland, India or Italy or even from your hometown, read the following tips to know how to plan a long distance wedding.
Tips For Planning A Long Distance Wedding 
  • The first thing, which you have to decide on, is marriage requirements of the place where you plan to get marry. Every place has some different requirements as for instance if you plan to marry from Hawaii, it needs a special wedding license to get married there.
  • Whether it’s your hometown or some exotic location, the most important thing is the location and the venue. Decide on the place in consultation with your partner. It will make all the other planning very easier.  
  • Decide on your budget and then plan to visit the place once before you get married. If you have a city in mind but not a venue, try visiting as many places as possible and then decide on the preferred location. You could also search the places on websites but an actual visit to a venue helps you visualize and then you can plan accordingly.
  • Before the wedding keep ample time for you to decide everything from your beauty salon where you would get ready from the final meeting with the caterers and the band etc.
  • If your budget permits, hire a wedding planner from the place where you plan to get married. A planner or a consultant, being familiar to the place, will know everything from location to florists, which will make your work easier and lighter.
  • However, don’t just rely on your planner for everything. Keep a tab on everything for a hassle free marriage.
  • Intimate your guests about your plan of long distance wedding. Know how many people would be attending your wedding and then reserve rooms for them.
  • If you have friends or relatives living in the area where you plan to get married, then choose them to handle important details about the marriage.
  • If the place allows you options, then you can pick your wardrobe from there. If you are planning to ship the items, then allow ample time for the items to get shipped.
  • Arrive at least a week early to be able to finalize the plans. It will help you keep in the loop of everything and make your wedding stress and anxiety free.

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