Planning an outdoor wedding requires you to keep certain basic tips in mind. Go through this article and get all the information on how to plan an outdoor wedding.

How To Plan An Outdoor Wedding

Wedding is one of the events that take place only once in the life of an individual (well, almost!). It is the most special occasion in your life, when you vow to spend the rest of the years with the person you are in love with. Thus, it is only understandable that you want to organize it in the best possible way. In this context, the concept of outdoor wedding has caught on. Apart from allowing you to mingle with nature, on the D-day of your life, it is also better from the decorations point of view. In case you are also interested in an outdoor wedding and want to know how to plan it, make use of the tips given in the lines below.
Planning An Outdoor Wedding
While planning an outdoor wedding, you need to select the location very carefully. Explore a number of options and while settling on one, keep the basic factors - weather in the area, neighborhood noise restrictions, cleanliness of the surrounding areas, basic amenities, and parking space - in mind. Do make sure to inquire about how many guests are allowed, whether electricity is available or not and are there any restrictions on serving alcohol.
Weather Considerations
When you plan an outdoor wedding, it is necessary to keep the weather in mind. For instance, if your wedding date falls in the rainy season, you can go for a place that has both indoor and outdoor facilities. Yet another option would be to rent a tent. Then, there would be chances of bugs as well, for which you will have to arrange an exterminator. If it's summer season and the wedding is planned in the day time, you would be required to arrange for large electric fans.
An outdoor location requires minimal decorations, since it is already filled with natural beauty. Still, you will have to make some arrangements. Visit the location 2-3 days before the wedding, to make sure that the grass has been mowed. If the flowers are not in full bloom, arrange for a few potted ones. Include an arch or trellis to focus the ceremony and frame the bride and groom. You can also decorate the tress in the venue with light strings.
If you are organizing the wedding in a place specifically meant for the purpose, there are chances that you will not require any extra permits. Still, it is advisable to make an enquiry about the same. In case the location comprises of a community park, make sure to get the necessary permissions from the city parks department or other local government. Do check out the rules regarding alcohol serving, trash removal, lighting, photography, and so on.
In case of an outdoor wedding, it is advisable to make the guests aware of the nature of the venue as well as the weather that would be prevailing in the area at the time, especially in case of those who are from out of town. This will help them dress up in the right way. If your wedding falls in summers, make sure to arrange for lots of cold, non-alcoholic beverages as well. In case of winters, include hot coffee and soups in the menu.

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