A garden setting offers one of the most romantic and sensual locations for celebrating your D-day. Read the article to find different ideas on how to plan an outdoor garden wedding.

How To Plan A Garden Wedding

A wedding ceremony can be arranged either indoors or outdoors. Outdoor weddings are an increasingly popular trend followed these days. Couples consider a variety of locations, such as scenic landmarks, historic estates, parks, beaches, gardens and even a backyard to plan an outdoor wedding. However, amongst all the outdoor wedding options, garden serves as one of the most delightful places for an outdoor wedding. After all, what better place than flower-filled aromatic garden to celebrate the unification of two lovebirds! Not only romantic, elegant and beautiful, a garden wedding makes a lovely celebration surrounded by the beautiful and exquisite nature, friends and family. Read on further to find some ideas that would help you in planning a garden wedding.
Outdoor Garden Wedding Ideas
Keep the invitations simple yet elegant. Use handmade paper and write the invitation in calligraphy. Roll them up and secure with a ribbon to complete the invitation. You can shape the invite in the form of a flower or leaf to reflect the theme of the wedding.
Color Scheme
Choose a single color or different shades of a particular color for your wedding decor, since you already have colorful elements of nature present. Blues, greens and reds are some popular color schemes choices for garden weddings. You can even use white or ivory to accentuate the chosen color.
Use delicate vintage fabrics, such as lacey covers, to decorate the tables and the aisle. While using fabrics on the table, place solid fabric first and then place the lace on it. Go for subtle shades of pink, yellow, cream, beige, and so on.
Decorating your wedding venue with flowers is a great way to accentuate the beauty of both the garden as well as the occasion. Fill buckets and vases with wildflowers, hydrangeas, hyacinths, orchids or daisies and place them around the ceremony site to add to the lushness of the atmosphere. Potted flowering plants and small potted shrubs also add greenery and color. In case the wedding venue has a small pond or fountain, use different designs of floating candles to further heighten the exquisiteness. You can use floating candles, along with rose petals, to add a touch of elegance to the wedding.
Favors form an important part of wedding ceremony. Since it is a garden themed wedding, going for eco-friendly wedding favors such as a pack of seedlings, plant bulbs and terracotta pots would serve as the best bet. These favors will surely be memorable for all your guests, as they are likely to symbolize your blossoming love. You can also choose other wedding favors that include elements of a garden theme, like engraved flower pots, leaf-shaped utility box and so on.
The best option for a garden wedding would be to go for buffet style meal, as it is both casual and classy at the same time. Have large bowls of fruit punch, lemonade and iced tea in addition to the alcohol served to the guests. For foods, you can go for pastries, fancy tea sandwiches, fruit, a veggie tray, breads, pasta salads, cheeses and other small foods that do not require heating. If it is a summer wedding, include fresh juicy fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, watermelon and papaya.
In case you are planning your wedding in the evening or night, it is better to arrange for lighting, as the moonlight would not be enough. Wrap the bushes and trees with white Christmas lights. You can also place tealight candles on the tables to light up the romance. 
Dinnerware and Glassware
Imagine a beautifully adored well-lit garden, emitting out fragrance of fresh flowers placed on the superbly beautified table! Sounds charismatic, isn’t it? To further add a touch of romance to the decor, the best bet would be to use delicate vintage dinnerware and glassware for the wedding. You can go for white or off-white cutlery, which has a bit of decorative gold paint touches.  

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