Throwing a masquerade party is so much fun with guests in different costumes and masks. This article provides different ideas for planning a masquerade theme party.

Masquerade Party Ideas

Planning a party full of surprises! A masquerade theme is the perfect option to settle on. From deciding what to wear for your costume to trying your luck at figuring out people throughout the evening, a masquerade party is simply full of anticipation. The main idea behind throwing a masquerade party is to hide your identity by wearing a mask. Furthermore, it creates a mysterious atmosphere, as no one can be recognized. A masquerade party gives everyone a chance to dress up and hence, is a hit with both kids and adults alike. Read on further to find ideas for planning your masquerade party including all the party specifics like invitations, decorations, food and so on. Carry on and throw a party to let all your guests have a jolly time.  
Ideas For A Masquerade Theme Party
Invitations for a masquerade party should be unique, since the theme itself is a distinctive one. Purchase paper masks from the market. Pen down your invitation on parchment paper and roll it into a scroll. Attach it to the mask. Ask your guests to wear the mask to the party and dress up in flamboyant and outlandish outfits. Send the invitation well in advance, about two weeks prior to allow the guests prepare their costumes.
Ideal colors for a masquerade party are purple, blue, green and gold. Decorate your area with helium balloons and paper streamers in these colors. Rent a disco ball and fog machine and place them in a corner to create a festive atmosphere. Get glitter beads and masquerade mime cutouts from a party store and scatter them all across the party area. Decorate masks with blue and purple feathers and hang them on the walls. Line your party table with a purple tablecloth. Place a vase as a centerpiece with a tea light candle in it.
Masquerade Party Games
A party without games is just incomplete. You can opt for games from picture taking, charades, celebrity trivia, truth or dare and guess how many. For playing guess how many, place chocolate gold coins in a clear jar. Ask your guests to guess the number of coins. The one to guess the closest to the actual number wins the jar full of chocolates home. Invite your guests to take individual and group pictures in their costumes and masks. Arrange a trivia game wherein you test your guests’ knowledge about famous people such as actors, singers, athletes, TV personalities, etc. Have a mini fashion show where the guests vote for the best costume and bonus points for the best suited mask.
Dancing is much more fun especially in the case of a masquerade party. In such a party, you would be dancing with people whom you cannot recognize. Dancing with an unknown stranger is sure to bring in loads of excitement and enthusiasm in the party. For a classic masquerade party, play classic waltz, while for a modern masquerade party, you can add some mystery tones to the classic music.
Food & Drink
Ask your waiters also to put on masks. You can go for royal food delicacies like roast beef, mashed potatoes, Caesar salad and chicken pasta. Accompany your food with sparkling grape juice, sodas, tropical drinks, champagne and water served in champagne flutes or wine glasses. End your meal with scrumptious and luscious strawberries dipped in chocolate, marshmallows and ice cream.
Click lots of photos of your invitees and give them to your guests as party favors. You can also go for other creative and innovative favors like beads, masks, crowns, tiaras, lace gloves and bracelets. Just give wings to your imagination and you would have an endless list of favor option for your guests.

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