Hand eye coordination requires a person to use both his eyes and hands to accomplish a task. Given here are some games that will prove beneficial in improving hand eye coordination.

Hand Eye Coordination Games

Hand eye coordination is an important skill for improving a kid’s ability to learn to read and write, thereby reducing the difficulties faced during the growing stages. The best way to develop this skill is to involve kids in various activities and games that demand hand eye coordination, such as puzzles, manipulative toys, hand games and video games. Hand eye coordination games are physical activities that require aim and manual dexterity. The earlier the activities are introduced to a kid; the lower will be the risk of facing coordination problem. Hand eye coordination games are not only for kids, but can be practiced by adults as well, to develop a perfect vision and responsive body movements. Given here are some games and activities that will help you in improving your hand eye coordination.
Games For Hand-Eye Coordination
Video Games
Video games go a long way in improving hand eye coordination, though most parents do not favor this activity. They help to improve a person’s visual perception qualities, especially the ones that involve shooting. This, in turn, improves reflexes, which helps in reducing the time involved in reacting to certain situations.
This activity proves to be extremely effective in improving hand eye coordination in young kids. Indulge kids in tracing out different shapes and designs on drawing paper. This will enhance their observation skills and help to coordinate their hand movement, while doing so. You can also search the internet and find websites that have options for tracing using the mouse.
Racket Sports
Engage yourself in racket sports of your interest to develop your hand eye coordination. Such sports require a person to react spontaneously to his opponent’s movements and hit the ball/shuttle accordingly. In case you are beginner, practice for sometime and soon you will improve. Lawn tennis, table tennis, squash and badminton are some racket games.
Speed Bag
Purchase a speed bag used by boxers and fix it into your room. Hit the speed bag in your leisure time just like boxers do. By doing so, you would improve your eye hand coordination and also develop your alertness.
Puzzles demand a lot of hand and fingers control, along with early reading and interpretation. Distinguishing between the pieces, working out to place them into their right positions and finally making a sequence to develop the desired pattern in a limited time period, make a great learning experience for the kids. This hand eye coordination activity enables kids to learn visual discrimination, that is, ability of the brain to quickly distinguish between similar objects, letters or words.
Wall Ball
Stand straight in front of the wall and throw a basketball against the wall. When the ball bounces back, do not catch it; instead push it back with the help of your fingers. Continue doing so with one hand. The game not only increases the visual power, but also reduces the reaction or responsive time, thereby helping in hand eye coordination.
You can do this activity either by yourself or ask a friend to help you out. Keep a good distance between you and your friend. Ask him to throw a ball at you and try to catch it using both your hands. When caught, throw it back to your friend. You can practice catching all by yourself by throwing the ball up in the air and trying to catch it. Start this activity with larger balls and gradually, switch to smaller ones.

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