Planning a baby shower can be exciting! Read more to know how to plan a baby shower.

How To Plan A Baby Shower

In 2009, The Girls Next Door’s Kendra Wilkinson enjoyed a candy land, pickles and ice cream themed baby shower, which included cupcakes and lollipops baked by other Girl Next Door, Bridget Marquardt. In 2008, the couple Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman had a baby shower for their son Max. The couple had a blue theme fit for the little boy and a “Kiddyland Carnival”, which included clowns. Becoming a parent for the first time is a thrilling prospect for anyone whether it’s a celebrity couple or any commoner. Baby shower celebrates the arrival of new life and honors the mother. Baby shower provides a perfect opportunity to friends and family to share the excitement and joy of welcoming a new member to the family. For this special occasion, everything has to be special from the location, invitation, guest list, prizes to favors. If you wish to plan a baby shower like a celebrity then you don’t need a heavy budget to work with. What you need is some planning in advance to make your baby shower just perfect! Here are few pointers, which will help you in planning baby shower and make it a great fun for all!
Planning A Baby Shower 
  • The first thing to decide is who will be planning the baby shower party. The options can range from hosting it yourself or along with your family members or friends. Planning a baby shower is usually easier and fun, when more than one person hosts the shower!
  • While planning a baby shower a huge consideration should be given to budget. While making baby shower budget, take in consideration the food expenses, baby shower invitations, decorations, game prizes and favors give out.
  • When planning a baby shower, the important thing to decide upon is the date of baby shower. Mostly, a baby shower is hosted six weeks before the delivery date. However, holding a baby shower after the birth is becoming popular. It depends on your convenience and the convenience of your guests, who will be travelling to attend the baby shower.
  • Next important thing to decide is time for baby shower. When deciding baby shower time, it's best to talk with expectant father and mother about their convenience. Mostly, baby showers are good for weekends. Take into account upcoming holidays as that can be a perfect day to host baby shower.
  • Select baby shower theme for the party. When hosting a baby shower, it’s a great idea to select a theme for your baby shower. Having a theme makes it easy to plan your baby shower invitations, favors, decorations etc. So, set your imagination free and decide a theme for your baby shower.
  • Consult expectant mother and father about the guest list. Ask them, whom they want to invite at the baby shower. Some mothers prefer inviting only women to baby shower whereas others prefer couple shower with men coming too. Ensure that you have address and phone numbers of the guests.
  • Choose the location for baby shower. Often baby shower is held in the home of the host as it provides relaxed and casual atmosphere. An elegant reception hall or restaurant can also be a perfect place for baby shower but they usually are bit expensive. Take in consideration the number of guests invited and the space you will need. If you are planning a baby shower at a restaurant then you should make reservations in advance.
  • Important part of any celebration is food. So, when planning food menu for a baby shower, there are some key factors to keep in mind. Consider the time of the day, baby shower theme, expected number of guests and any health considerations that guests might have. Also, decide upon the factors like whether you will like to serve appetizers, snacks, or complete meal. These key considerations will help you decide upon the budget for your baby shower. It’s better to have more food than you think you might need. It will save you from embarrassment, if you run out of food halfway into the shower.
  •  Invitations are the first thing, which will set the mood and style of your baby shower and let your guests know about new addition in your family. Casual, formal, cute, funny, or elegant, there are varieties of baby shower invitations available for you to choose from. Decide on what kind of invitation you would like to have. From least expensive to pricey, there is a variety of options. Pick one, which fits in your budget.
  • Decide upon baby shower favors and ideas. If you are planning to make your own baby shower favors, then it’s a great idea to purchase supplies in advance as you might not find time later!

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