Are you planning to throw a second baby shower party and wondering what the right etiquette is? If yes, then steer through this article to learn more about etiquettes for the second baby shower.

Second Baby Shower Etiquette

A baby shower is a happy event for the mother-to-be. This fun-filled event helps the expecting mother to relax with her friends and families after having a stressful nine month pregnancy. A baby shower is an event to welcome the newborn and gives a chance to the new mother an opportunity to celebrate the birth of her second child. However, there are some mixed feelings regarding a second baby shower. Many parents get confused whether it is proper to throw a shower for a second baby. While some might perceive that a second baby shower would only provide excess gifts, some may argue for the positive side that every baby has its right to have all the rituals and arrival greetings with fun, excitement, and celebration. Plus, there may be things that new moms would need for the second baby as well. Baby showers are time for celebration and joy and every baby has a right to be flattered. So new moms do not have to worry about whether it is appropriate to throw a second baby shower for her baby. If there is still some concern, here are some basic etiquettes to follow for the second baby shower.

Etiquettes For Second Baby Shower
  • If there is a gap between the first child and the second child, it is absolutely okay for the new mom to throw a baby shower party as she will need the supplies for her second baby.
  • If the first child was a boy and the second baby is a girl, or vice versa, throwing a second baby shower party is perfectly alright.
  • Even if the mother already has things from her first baby, she will still need supplies in double or triple if she is going to have twins or triplets. A second baby shower party is thus very acceptable if the mom is going to have twins or even triplets.
  • Generally, close friends, coworkers, and families are invited for the first baby shower. However, the etiquettes are slightly different for second baby shower. Guests who were invited to the first baby shower should not be invited in the second shower. Instead, parents can invite guests who were unable to attend the first baby shower. Plus, they can invite guests who were not invited in the first shower. Parents can also invite new acquaintances for the second baby shower. 
  • New parents can also consider throwing a baby “sprinkle” instead of a full-fledged baby shower. Baby “sprinkle’ is a smaller version, where one can invite fewer people. Plus, parents can either request for no gifts or mention their specific requirements. To let the guests know what will be needed, moms can create a gift registry for her baby.
  • Arranging a “diaper party” can be also a great idea instead of throwing a baby shower party. This is a great way for families to meet the newborn and the new mom. In addition, the guests can bring much needed diapers which are very useful gifts for the baby.
  • Baby shower parties are fun occasions for the new parents to celebrate the joy of their baby’s arrival. Be it a formal baby shower, a diaper party, a sprinkle, or just a family gathering, the only purpose of the event is to wish the new mom and bless the new baby.

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