Vibrant colors, melodic chirps and cool breeze - a magnificent combination, which happens together only in spring! Read on to learn spring party theme ideas, to have a blast this season.

Spring Party Themes

Spring season is a new beginning, marking a fresh start for nature. The season brings in new hopes, new energy and fresh life for people, filling the atmosphere with positivity and happiness. The word ‘spring’ itself is enough to create a vibe in everyone. The season and its beauty have the ability to turn an epitome of shyness into a poet. Nobody needs a reason to laugh and glee with happiness. Spring is also the season of holidays and with holiday comes in enjoyment and parties. All that you need to do is get out of the house and enjoy a party. In case you are throwing a party and are looking for ideas to make it a rocking one, look no further. To make your spring party singular and unique, style it around a specific theme and watch your guests enjoy and jive in happiness. Here are a few spring party theme ideas using which you can add uniqueness to your spring parties.
Spring Party Theme Ideas
Garden Party
Garden party can be one of the best spring party ideas, to bring your guests closer to the bountiful beauty of nature. With planting seeds, seedlings and new shoots around, be sure that your garden-themed spring party would be a quiet relaxing and fun-filled long-lasting experience that will be etched in the minds of your guests for days to come.
Butterfly Party
How about adding the exquisiteness and splendor of a colorful butterfly to your spring party? You can make wearable butterfly or fairy wings in different colors and give it to your guests to wear this spring party. Butterflies are beautiful and delicate spring visitors and a party marking them as a theme will prove out to be a great success, especially among children. Make sure you include food and games that center on this exotic theme.
Picnic Party
Spring is the best season to indulge in the ever-so-joyous activity of going to a picnic. You can host and enjoy outdoor activities by keeping the first picnic of the year with the spring theme. Spring foods like fresh berries and new vegetables will be a perfect menu for the picnic. The party can be held at a local park or a flower garden, emphasizing the beauty of the nature and season at that time.
Flower Power Party
The spring season is marked by new blossoms and you can celebrate this floral celebration by involving flowers and plants at the party. You can either have brilliant bouquets with a rainbow of spring flowers or a single bloom like lilacs, tulips, daffodils etc. Ask your guest to dress up like flowers. You can also play games that revolve around flowers.  
Baby Animal Adventures
Children love the cuddly, fuzzy baby animals of spring, therefore a visit to a farm to meet ducklings, calves, lambs and other spring babies can make the event more enjoyable and memorable. However, take care that you do not end up scaring the little creatures.
Luau Spring Theme Party
Luau is one of the most famous themes for a spring party. You can convert your backyard into a Hawaiian island, just by using few decorations and making few arrangements and alterations. You should also inform the guests in advance about the theme, so that they can come dressed up accordingly. Use few citronella candles, small palm trees, shells and enjoy the feel of an island at your backyard and have a blast at the party.
Tax Break Party
This theme is the perfect choice for mid-April stagnation and acts as a stress reliever. You can make your party decorations using money, receipts and incomprehensible forms. These things will add joviality and uniqueness to the theme. Choose a spicy and hot menu (which denotes the spicy hot tax paid) for the party and arrange for feisty games for the guests to heat up the action and for everyone to revel in spring fever.

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