Throwing a girls party can be utmost creative and a fun experience. Go through the article, to get some unique party theme ideas for girls, to make your party a rocking one.

Party Themes For Girls

Gone are the days when a party meant just a few hot dogs and a cake!! Today, throwing a party requires proper planning, elaborate décor and a perfect theme. You can even spice up all this with a unique dress code that is in sync with the theme of the party. Sounds amazing!! Trust me it is and much more. While parties are mostly fun and amusing, the enjoyment doubles when it is an all-girls party. Imagine you can talk endlessly and indulge in all the fun activities, without bothering even once what the guys would think about you!! While a girls’ party is pleasurable and interesting, the entertainment quotient doubles when you have a theme set for it. In the following lines, we have provided unique theme ideas for girls’ party.
Theme Ideas For Girls Party
Ballerina Party Theme
Which female would not love to dance the night out, in her ballerina shoes? Ballerina-theme usually makes way to be amongst the highly successful parties. For such a party, make sure that the venue adores blissful pinks and soothing whites. You can have drapes, streamers and balloons to complete the look. Couple this up with ballerina party supplies, like tableware and personalized banners and ballet bag tags. While the décor has been discussed about, the invites can be in the form of ballerina pumps. Team all this with some great party food, guests dressed as pretty ballerina princesses and ballerina party favors!
Beach Party Theme
Did you know that for a beach themed party, you no longer require a beach? Just set the mood at the comforts of your house and you are done!! For such a party, pen the invitation on plastic foot thongs or anything that symbolizes a beach. As for the décor of the room, make sure you come up with lots of blues and white. Install beach chairs, kiddy pools, lawn sprinkler, beach balls, sand pails and shovels and hula hoops around the party place. Make sure you inform all the girls about the theme of the party, so that they can dress up accordingly. Couple all of this with some great beach food and unique party favors, in the form of goodie bags filled with beach balls, sand pails, squirt fish, sunglasses, bubbles and squirt guns, and you have a great party going!
Spa Party Theme
Pampering and indulging is one thing that girls always love, irrespective of their age. So, be it a girls’ teenage party or an all-females’ adult party, spa is ideally one of the best theme you can choose. All you need to do is stock up on the fun items, which you can use to give each other manicures, pedicures and even facials. For such a party, spa masks would be the most innovative and apt invites. You can also make the invite in the shape of a nail polish or a hair accessory. Make sure you have a lot of healthy, yet yummy food for the guests. And lastly, for the party favors, hair clips, spa stickers, play makeup, spa masks and small dolls would be good options.
Were you allured by Tinkerbell, Peter Pan's wonderful fairy in your childhood? It is now time to recreate the magic and bring smiles at your party. A timeless favorite, Tinkerbell is a hot favorite party theme for children and adults alike. Set the stage for the party by giving it a tinkerbell décor. Install plastic butterflies and decorated lantern all around the venue, to enliven the fairytale atmosphere. Team this with Tinkerbell party cups, invitations and loot bags featuring the cute Tinkerbell in a green dress, with a pink background and flower designs. Amidst all this, make sure you let each of your guests’ know about the theme of the party, so that they come dressed as little angels with butterfly wings.

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