Cupcake decorations are extremely easy to do, if you rightly mix innovativeness with technique. With this article, explore birthday cupcake decorating ideas.

Birthday Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Were you spell-bounded by the amazing decoration done on the cupcakes at your nearest bakery?The modern and easy-to-eat cupcakes have emerged strongly as a dessert option and are effectively replacing the traditional and conventional cakes. The main reason for this is that they are not only easy to pick and eat, but you can have a riot of flavors in your party, which of course is not possible if you go for the traditional cakes. Nowadays, birthday parties have also started featuring cupcakes. If you are throwing your kid’s birthday party and keeping cupcakes as the dessert option, do not let the baker rob you of handsome money, just for some easy designs. Making designs on the cupcake is extremely easy, provided you have pre-made icings and simple decoration objects at hand. Given in the following lines, are amazing birthday cupcakes decorating ideas, which would surely leave your guest wanting for more!!
Birthday Cupcake Decorating Ideas
Bee Cupcake
How about decorating the cupcake in the shape of a bee? Sounds fun!! For this,color the icing to a bright yellow shade. Now, cut each mint slice in half, diagonally and place each half of the piece in the middle of each cake. Once this is done, cut the licorice into short lengths and position on the cake under each wing. For the head, place a jujube and using the black icing gel, put two dots for the eyes and a long one for the nose.
Flower Cupcake
Flower cupcakes are not only aesthetic to look at, but also tempting. For this, chose a medium-pink color icing for the cake. Cut the marshmallows in half, using scissors. Now, pinch the ends of each marshmallow half, forming a petal shape. Now, position colorful chocolate candy in the mid of each cake and place the marshmallow petals around it.
Koala Bear Cupcake
Children often love to eat things that have cartoon characters they watch on T.V. For a koala bear cupcake, color the icing to a bright orange shade and then, add coco powder, to create the typical orange/brown color. Now, place two chocolate chips for the eyes and a chocolate-coated almond as the nose. As for the ears, push two chocolate melts into the top of the cake.
Butterfly Cupcake
Cupcake with a butterfly design on top looks extremely appealing to kids. The bright colors and unique design excite the little ones. For this, use a bright-colored frosting. Now, arrange the choc candies in the middle of the cupcake, as the butterfly body. Place the freckles or chocolates with hundreds and thousands licorice strips, on either side of the body, to represent its wings. Add to this, licorice, to form a small antenna.
Frog Cupcake
The first step would be to color the icing to a bright green shade. Now, using a small amount of icing, attach the miniature marshmallow to each green jujube. Once this is done, cut a small slither of licorice and push this into the middle of the marshmallow. Now, put green jujubes into the top of each cake. While this would serve as the eyes of the frog, cut another slither of licorice and position it as the mouth.
Bunny Cupcake
For this, you need to cover the cupcake in un-colored butter frosting. Now, cut two marshmallows, to make 4 smaller rounds. While two of them would serve as the ears, the other two are best suited as the feet.  Make a small cut to insert the marshmallows as the ears. Now, cover the remaining marshmallow in frosting and roll in the coconut. This would be the head of the bunny. To complete the look, place three small dots of frosting on each of the feet.

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