A fun way to pass your time yet learn something out of it would be to learn how to make color wheel. Learn in this article about how to make color wheel.

How To Make Color Wheel

Color wheel is just that, a wheel of colors. It is a circle of different colors showing relationships between colors, mainly primary, secondary and complementary color. It may look very simple but have varied connotations and even is used in psychophysics, visual theory etc. Your child or younger sibling can learn so much from a color wheel. It may be even useful to you if you are learning painting or even if you just want to know how different colors are related to each other. It can be fun craft for your kid and you too as it is equally knowledgeable to both of you. It can also be a summer craft for your child. In addition, if you are thinking about an engaging craft for your child, nothing can be more intriguing than making a color wheel. So what are you waiting for? Explore in the following lines about how to make color wheel. You can use any form of paint as color wheel can be created with any medium and forms. However, the best would be to use watercolor as with water colors all you have to do is to mix and use. In addition, it is easier to use and safer for children.
Tips For Making Color Wheel 
Ingredients Required
  • Watercolor box
  • Palette
  • Coloring brushes
  • Watercolor paper
  • A cup with little water 
  • Take the sheet, fasten it with something so that it doesn’t move and then make an equilateral triangle on it. That is, make a triangle in which all the sides are equal.
  • Now make three circles on each end of the triangle with the help of a scale or with one of the setsquare, which you would find in your geometry box.
  • Now take the primary color that is red, yellow and blue and fill the top point with yellow color, bottom right with blue color and the other one with red color with the help of a coloring brush.
  • Now draw a big circle, which covers the triangle and passes through all the circles namely the red, yellow, and blue colored circle. You can use a compass to make the circle. You can even use a lid of a round bottle or a bangle for that matter.
  • On the line between the yellow and blue circle make a green circle. You can use either the green color or mix yellow and blue to bring out the color green.
  • Similarly make a circle on the line between blue and red color and paint it with purple color. You can also mix blue and red to make purple color. Mix the colors in a palette.
  • Lastly, on the line between red and yellow colored circle, draw a circle of orange color. You can make the color by mixing red and yellow color in a palette too.
  • Now you have your secondary colors ready with you that is green, purple and orange. You can create an inverted equilateral triangle by joining with a line. Your color wheel is ready to be displayed in front of your friends.

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