You can choose colors for a summer wedding with the help of the tips given below. Check out the summer wedding color trends and know how to select summer wedding colors.

Summer Wedding Color Trends

Summer is indeed one of the most popular times for weddings. It is considered to be one of the most fresh and vibrant seasons, as there is plenty of sunshine and energy around. The nature is also at its best, offering a variety of colorful and bright blossoms. A summer wedding can be made really interesting and appealing with the usage of right type of colors. In fact, a color theme plays a vital role in deciding the overall look of the wedding. It should be strictly in accordance with the season, so that you do not have to be bothered about the resources much. Given below are some vital tips to decide the colors of a summer wedding.
Summer Wedding Colors 
  • The summer wedding color scheme is usually based on nature. The bright color scheme, represented by summer blooms and foliage, is appropriate for your wedding color palette.
  • Pastel colors are usually used in the background. Soft colors can add delicate touches to a summer wedding theme and are mainly used for wedding invitations and other minor accents.
  • You can even choose a flower significant to you and your future spouse, for the summer wedding color scheme. The blooms of a specific color can be used at the center of your design, such as table linens and bridal-party dresses.
  • You can use the colors of native fruits, such as papaya, orange, pink passion fruit or yellow pineapple. These punchy vivid colors can be used in combination either with other colors or alone, to create a unique monochromatic color scheme.
  • You can even choose a metallic accent for your summer wedding, such as silver-brushed aluminum or platinum. This can be applied right from napkin rings to wedding favor frames. It is ideal to spruce up your reception tables.
  • Summers are generally associated with bright and dazzling sun. In effect, yellow and gold can be paired with oranges and white, for an extremely fresh look.
  • Gold can work really well with lavender, for a bright, cheery scheme. Magenta can also be added to brighten up the occasion. The same theme can be followed in other programs, dinner menus, etc.
  • Teal is another color that can look very appealing in a summer wedding. It can be paired with silver and white for a cool, refreshing color scheme. Tulips and other flowers can comfortably match teal.
  • Red and pink also combine well, as they signify romance. To intensify the feeling add heart-shaped chocolates, strands of small white lights, harp and flute music, programs covered with a sheer top overlay and lots of candles.
  • Navy blue also looks good in summer weddings. However, do not introduce too many other colors with it. Accents of white and foliage-green can still be used for classic, elegant weddings.

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