Color scheme plays a pivotal role in setting the right mood for wedding. Learn how to select wedding colors, with the ideas given in the article.

How To Select Wedding Colors

While many couples find inspiration from their surroundings, to choose the color scheme for their wedding, you can be a bit different by thinking creatively. You can not only make the venue attractive, but also look unique by using different color combinations in the decorations. However, while selecting the wedding colors, you should remember that certain factors come into play. These include the time of year, venue of the wedding and the theme. The colors will also depend upon the fact that whether the ceremony is organized indoors or outdoors. Learn how to select wedding colors with the ideas given in the following lines.
Wedding Color Scheme Ideas
All White
All-white color scheme is versatile and suits wedding held in almost every season. It creates a pacifying atmosphere, when used for decorations. Go ahead and fill your wedding venue with white flowers, such as iris, sweet pea, peonies, orchids, lilacs, camellias, daisies and carnations. Add white balloons and white streamers to the decorations. Satin is the ideal fabric for the color scheme. White tablecloth will add to the overall appeal.
Pink And Green
The combination of pink and green is popular for spring and summer wedding. You may choose either the light or the dark shades of pink. Make use of the color scheme for the bride's bouquet as well. Arrange a beautiful bouquet with rich greenery and pink roses. For the table centerpieces, you may choose green foliage and pink flowers.
Burgundy And Emerald
Best suited for winter wedding, the rich jewel tones of burgundy and emerald surely look elegant. You may use red roses, poinsettia and holly berries for floral arrangements. Fabrics such as silk and satin are perfect for this color scheme. You may use this color scheme for outdoor wedding, because the bright color scheme will catch immediate attention.
Navy And Silver
Best suited for indoor wedding and engagement ceremonies, the navy and silver color scheme will give the venue a royal touch. Navy tablecloth, accented with silver snowflakes, will grab all the passing glances. Make an assortment of navy and silver balloons and streamers for the venue. For the centerpiece, you may choose floating silver colored candles in navy blue crystal bowls.
Sunny Yellow
Sunny yellow color scheme is best suited for wedding scheduled during the spring season and to be held outdoors. Make use of bright yellow chrysanthemums and sunflowers for the decorations. This will surely add a sunny touch to the celebration.
Ocean Color Scheme
To create a cool effect, you may choose the very popular ocean color scheme for your wedding decorations. This color scheme should be used if the wedding is to be held in the evening. It is suitable for beach wedding theme as well. Create the beach effect in the venue by introducing shades of turquoise and light brown to the decorations. Make beautiful centerpieces for the tables by filling crystal bowls with sand, shells and turquoise candles.

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