Wedding colour palette could be chosen from the conventional or customized, to suit oneself. Find your perfect wedding color palette in this article.

Find Your Perfect Wedding Color Palette

Colors bring out the personality and affect the mood of the person who wears or endorses a certain color. Most of us have heard about colors representing a certain personality trait or characteristics in a person. Those who wear whites wish to look sophisticated and elegant. Those who wear black – the exact opposite colour – look elegant, though in a rather rebellious and unconventional way, making the effect almost seductive. Similarly, those who love the use of bright colours are seen as those who love to attract attention and be seen as different; on the other hand, those who wear light, pastel shades prefer to blend with the surroundings. Similarly, when it comes to marriage, women would rather choose a colour scheme or palette that suits their personality rather than go for something that they are offered. Here are some colour schemes that you could choose from, for your wedding. 
Choose Your Wedding Color Palettes 
Here are some set palettes that one can choose from
Brides, who have conventional tastes, tend to go for stuff that is traditional and almost timeless. A certain style is known as classic when the one wearing it gravitates towards clothes with clear lines and items, which can be found year after year. So if you are the kind of bride who has stocked up her closet with A-line skirts and polo neck shirts, you can be called the quintessential traditional bride. It is for brides like you that pearl jewelry is created year after year, though many women may scoff at them. Usually, the most conventional colours are the one that are considered the best as well as the safest for any wedding: they include white, pale pink and ivory, or blue and white. Preppy women would also fall into this class, and their good wedding coloration palettes are pink and green, perhaps with plenty of patterns like stripes, polka dots, or plaids or blue, white, and yellow.
Does everyone you know call you a drama queen? Do you keep only one shade of lipstick in your purse – bright red? Do you also choose strong, robust perfumes and pass over the milder ones? Do you possess at least one piece of garment in your closet that has an animal print in it, if not a whole African jungle? If the answers to all the above questions is an affirmative YES, then the category your wedding ceremony will fall into is ‘dramatic’. Royal colors, which are more on the darker side, like deep purple and blood red would be the ones you should go with. Also, you, being the drama queen, be sure your wedding will have all the ‘zing’ that you have always brought into any gathering you stepped in! Also, if you carry a bouquet of white roses or other white flowers along with your eggplant coloured dress, the contrast created thus will be dramatic. Also, you could pair up deep purple with gold to give that truly royal look.
Even today, there is a great number of brides who live in their grandma’s era and are in love with all kinds of vintage and antique stuffs. The colour scheme for such a woman, who is seen spending her time in antique and classic shops rather than the mall, are the dusty coloration palettes for instance cameo and ivory or mauve or dove gray. You could also opt for wedding ceremony colors that celebrate Mother Nature, especially if you love the outdoors and are known as someone who is conscious of the ecology. Moss green and mushroom brown, slate blue with taupe, or sage green and ivory will all be enchanting to the nature lover inside you. If chunky hand knits are more your type than buttoned up pearl bridal jewelry units, then you will like wedding ceremony color palettes reminiscent of red and pink, apricot and robin’s egg blue, or mustard and aqua.
When people ask you as to what kind of ceremony you would like for your wedding, as a bride, have you ended up saying “I don’t know… all I want is for everyone to have fun?” If yes, then be sure that your wedding will be what they call a festive one. You are the kind of girl who is most likely to be seen having fun with your friends, painting the town in the brightest and most feminine colours, most of which will end up in your personal wedding palette. For you, colours which are vibrant and cheerful and reflect your brand of feminity will be best, rather than traditional, stuffy colours, which may actually cramp your style. These colours have to be bright, for instance fuchsia and orange, sizzling pink and chartreuse, or sunshine yellow with orange. They will bring in the festive and fun ambience that you would like to see.

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