Butterfly knife tricks can be a great past time to impress people, if performed with utmost care. Explore this article to find out how to do tricks with a balisong knife.

Butterfly Knife Tricks

A butterfly knife, also known as balisong knife, was originally formulated in the Philippines. It is equipped with a double handle design that helps in performing various butterfly tricks. A typical butterfly knife is made from layers of aluminum or brass, connected together with pins. The two handles that sandwich the blade are covered with scales of rosewood, horn or other materials. Coming to knife tricks, they have always been popular and in demand due to the danger involved in wielding them. Demonstrating balisong tricks is one such trick. Although they are illegal in most states of USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Germany, many hobbyists even today enjoy exercising cool butterfly knife tricks. While opening or closing a butterfly knife, it creates an illusion of a butterfly’s wings flapping around. Given here are some balisong knife tricks that can be practiced as a great past time and also used to impress people. Read on to know how.
How To Do Tricks With A Balisong Knife 
  • The first step involves getting familiar with a butterfly knife. Buy steel-toed boots to protect your feet while practicing the butterfly knife tricks, as it drops out from hands several times.
  • Cover the sharp edge of the knife with an electric tape. Doing so will protect you from injuring yourself, in case you grab the blade mistakably.
  • Fin the knife’s safe handle. Since it does not have a latch underneath, you will have to keep holding the safe handle with your little finger every time you open it. This will make space for the blade and latch to hang freely.
  • As for the positioning of your fingers, place the knife’s blade in your palm, while your thumb and index finger will be placed on the safe handle.
  • A basic butterfly knife trick holds the key to all other tricks. Hold the knife steady in your hands and loosen it in your fingers. Fling your wrist towards the back. Doing so will make the handle go around the back of your hand and open the blade.
  • Now, fling your wrist towards you. This will open up the knife completely. While opening the knife, make sure you do it in one swift movement.
  • Once you have learned the first half of the trick, its time to move on to the second half.
  • The second half of the trick requires you to jerk your hand upwards. Do this as rapidly and confidently as you can. You might take some time to get used to flinging the knife swiftly, but keep practicing.
  • The main idea behind flinging the knife upward is to get it positioned straight up (vertically). This trick will make the blade pass the horizontal level, thus giving you another fling.
  • Fling your hand once again and pass the handle through the vertical level. This will bring the handle back to its original place into your fingers.

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