Butterfly knife is a uniquely designed knife which, when used correctly, can be an effective weapon for self defense. Read on to find how to open and use a butterfly knife.

How To Use A Butterfly Knife

The butterfly knife is a uniquely designed knife. The knife is designed such that it has two parts - a blade and a handle - making it look just like a switchblade knife. The blade tangs are attached to handle by the hinges. When the butterfly knife is closed, the handles fold over the blade and are locked into place with a small latch, which is at the base of one of the handles. Similarly, the handles can be locked with the latch when the blade is opened. This makes the knife almost as strong as a fixed blade.
The compactness of butterfly knife, with its sharp blade and fast opening speed, makes it one of the most viable options. The knife is an excellent choice for outdoors and is also an efficient tool for safety. When used correctly, it can also be an effective weapon for self defense. There are as many as 100 techniques for making the proper use of butterfly knives. Although you cannot master all of them, it is always good to know the basic technique of using the tool. In the following lines, we will tell you how to open and use a butterfly knife.
How To Use A Butterfly Knife
The art of opening the butterfly knife is the only thing that is between you and its usage. So, let’s get it out of the way! 
  • To open a butterfly knife, all you need to do is place your thumb on the side of the safe handle.
  • Make sure you have pressed the safe side between your thumb and the index finger. While you have pressed the handle, straighten your other fingers.
  • As your other hand begins to drop, so will the other side of the handle. This will make the blade follow suit.
  • Let your fingers secure around the safe side of the butterfly knife handle.
  • Now, move your thumb upwards and out of the way.
  • Give the dangerous side of the handle a slight help and it will flick up and rest on top of the safe handle side.
  • The blade would safely pop out of the knife with force, but would adhere to a small pin that would make the blade rest at its correct position.
  • Once the knife has been opened, you can be the master of any game, while others would dare not meddle with you! 
Safety Tips 
  • While using a butterfly knife, be sure that you do not throw it at anyone. Instead, hand it to them.
  • Always keep the knife folded while carrying it with you.
  • Do not utilize the knife for purposes that it is not meant for. For instance, you should not open a Coke tin with the knife or use it as a screwdriver.
  • Keep your butterfly knife clean and sharp, if you want to retain its efficiency for a long time.
  • Keep the knife out of reach of children.
  • If you get cut with the knife, resort to first aid immediately, before the body part gets septic.

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