Cinco De Mayo party decorations play a vital role in the setting the mood of celebration and festivity. Read on to know Cinco De Mayo party theme ideas.

Cinco De Mayo Party Ideas

Cinco De Mayo is a prominent fiesta held in the state of Mexico on 5th May every year. The history of the event dates back to 1862, when Mexicans defeated the French army, at the Battle of Puebla. In effect, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated to commemorate the victory of the small Mexican army over the powerful French army. The day is recognized as a holiday in all parts of Mexico, but the celebrations hold distinct place in the state of Puebla, where the French were defeated. The celebrations include parades, mariachi music, singing, dancing, and feasting. As decorations hold prominent position in the organization of the party, we have provided ideas for the same.
Cinco De Mayo Party Theme Ideas
  • The first and foremost thing to do is to hang a wreath of chili pepper at the main door. This is available at the food market.
  • You can even put an inflatable cactus and a fiesta banner in the front yard.
  • A nice way of sprucing up the surroundings is by hanging strings of fiesta lights all over, such as chili pepper lights and electric cactus lights.
  • You can use scene setters, such as a mariachi band, fiesta desert flowers, fiesta big sky scene, etc. 
  • Other items that can be used for decoration a mariachi band, fiesta desert flowers and fiesta big sky scene. 
  • Mexican handmade colorful blankets can also be used to make fabulous wall decorations, just like large sombreros.
  • Colorful balloons in red, white and green add to the spirit of festivity. To be more creative, hang mini neon maracas or a fiesta lantern garland.
  • You can add chili pepper candles to the tables, along with napkins tied by dyed red or green raffia.
  • The table can be set by adding colorful fiesta theme paper plates and flashing margarita glasses.
  • The table can be made to draw attention with the help of fiesta tinsel garlands.
  • Flowers form an integral part of Cinco De Mayo party decorations. They form perfect centerpieces for the tables, spruced in delicate vases.
  • Piñatas are also great decorative items for Mayo party. They add color and vibrancy to the overall atmosphere and the event.

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