Elmo party themes are amongst the best celebration ideas for your toddler's birthday party. Go through the article to find some more ideas for planning an Elmo party.

Elmo Party Ideas

Theme parties are becoming increasingly popular these days. In fact, parents want even their toddler's party to be based around a theme. This turns out to be a challenging job, as toddlers are too young to understand a theme. However one simple, yet different theme, which you can opt for a toddler party, is an Elmo party theme. Elmo is a red, fun-loving monster from Sesame Street that most toddlers identify with. An Elmo themed birthday party is sure to be a hit with the 1 to 4 year old crowd. While preparing for this party, make sure that everything right from the invite and decoration to food and games go in sync. Go through the rest of the article, to find more ideas on planning an Elmo party.
Elmo Party Celebration Ideas
Elmo Party Invitations
Invitations are important for any birthday party, since they let your guest know about the day, date, time and venue for the party. When you choose invitation card, keep your theme in mind. Elmo theme invitation cards are available at most supply stores. You can even buy them online. If you want to personalize the invite, use your creativity, along with red color. You can make use of clipart, downloadable from internet, or even can take a picture of your child with an Elmo doll and use that for the invitation.
Elmo Party Decorations
The decoration for an Elmo party should also complement the theme of the party. The main colors used for the decorations are red, yellow, and green. The streamers and the balloon should also be in sync with the party theme. Cover the table with a yellow table cover and keep an Elmo doll right in the center. Tie the balloons to Elmo's arm and place a fish bowl and live goldfish between its legs. To provide a guide to the party goers, cut out red Elmo feet from construction paper and stick it to the floor. You can even put on posters on the walls to give a complete- themed look. Another option is to wrap large boxes with yellow paper and write a letter of the alphabet on each side, using a thick, bold marker. Pile the boxes in such a way that they look like blocks.
Elmo Party Games
Toddlers are too young to play complicated games. Instead, they would run around the party place on their own. However, you can definitely opt for a bubble machine and a jumpy castle, for the toddlers to play on. 'Pin the nose on Elmo' is another activity that might interest them. Put on Elmo music and play pass the Elmo doll. When the music stops, whoever is holding the Elmo doll gets out. You can also play musical chairs with Elmo music. Another option is 'Identifying the Duck' game. Place 6 to 7 ducks, out of which 3 are marked with red color. Make the toddlers identify all the 3 of them. 
Elmo Party Food
Food is quintessential for any party. You can either choose to order a cake from a cake shop or make one at home instead. You can even go for cupcakes as, they are easier to make and the toddlers love them. Elmo loves pizza, so make sure to serve pizza in the party, if possible, along with goldfish crackers. You can make sandwiches as well, but remember that whatever food you prepare, it should be kids-friendly.

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