Homecoming week ideas and activities make the event truly special and exciting. Check out more on homecoming week theme.

Homecoming Week Ideas

Homecoming is an annual event, which is conducted in most of the schools across United States. It usually takes place in late September or October. The event involves coming together of towns, high schools, and colleges, around a banquet and/or a football game, to welcome back former residents and alumni. During this time, festive activities take place for a complete week, including events such as football games - played on the school’s home field, parades - featuring the school’s marching band, coronation of a Homecoming King and Queen, etc. To make the occasion more interesting, you can make use of the Homecoming week activities, mentioned below.
Homecoming Week Theme Ideas
Hollywood Night
You can arrange a Hollywood Night for the homecoming. As dance forms an integral part of the celebrations, organize a Hollywood themed dance. This is not only a chance to dance and mingle with your friends, but can also provide an opportunity to get all decked in a manner similar to the Oscar night. For Hollywood Night theme, guys can look handsome in a classic tuxedo or a sports coat and slacks combo, while the girls can don stylish gowns.
Fairytale Night
Another theme for homecoming can be Fairytale Night. As the name suggests, a Fairytale night would bring pure fantasy to the celebrations. We though, what better way to culminate an action-packed Homecoming week than with a fairy tale themed dance! This kind of theme will also help you save money, as everyone will have something or the other to wear. It will also be interesting as kids will be able to give vent to their creativity. Fairytale Night theme requires everybody to look unique, rather than just handsome or pretty.
Homecoming Dance Contest
Homecoming dance contest is yet another way of celebrating a Homecoming week. It might sound an old concept, but it is surely a forever hit. This is because dance is an activity that is enjoyed by all, irrespective of the fact that they are actively participating or just clapping on the side. The opportunity of winning a title or a prize will make the dance more interesting.
Casino Night
Casino Night is an exciting theme idea for Homecoming. It is great fun for those who are conscious of dancing or being social. This theme can be arranged by renting some poker tables, roulette table, etc. To make it more interesting, link it to something educational, like winning a class trip to the historical society or something similar, rather than actual money.
Renaissance Night

Renaissance Night is a theme that takes us back into the history. Everything, right from the decorations to the music to the games played to the dresses worn, would remind you of the bygone era. Renaissance Night theme would also prove to be an educational experience, making us aware of the past.

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