Planning to throw a basketball theme party, but do not know to go about? Explore this article to find some ideas for throwing a basketball themed party.

Basketball Theme Party Ideas

Are you tired of doing the same old boring stuff at a party? Be it listening to the usual happening songs or watching the weekly releases or even having a dinner at a chic restaurant, parties have become a passable affair, what with the old clichéd stuff. If you want to get over the monotonous routine of parties, this article would make a perfect read. Get on to some theme party ideas and indulge in lots of fun and laughs. Theme parties are very much in vogue these days and what better than a basketball theme party can be for all those basketball lovers! Not only an excellent idea for a theme party, it would surely bring tons of fun to a party, with basketball being a fast-paced and team-oriented game. Add decorations, delicious refreshments, games and activities to make your party a memorable one. Read on to find ideas for a basketball themed party. Go ahead and incorporate fun, frolic and enjoyment to your basketball theme party.
Ideas For Basketball Themed Party
Send party invitations that would reflect the theme of the party. You can create your own invitations by buying cardstocks and folding each one into half. Then, trace out the shape of a basketball on the fold of the paper. Carefully cut it out, leaving the top, so that the front and back pieces are attached together. Color or paint the card in orange and highlight it with black stripes. Mention the date, time and venue of the party within the card and attach basketball whistles to each of them.
Get basketball theme items from sportswear and sporting goods stores, such as basketball memorabilia, posters, jerseys, hats, banners, trophies, and so on. You can place a real basketball on the table as a centerpiece. Paper supplies can be chosen from jersey-shaped plates, themed napkins, basketball-printed table cover and disposable cups. Fill orange helium balloons and draw lines across them to resemble basketballs.
Serve hot grilled foods such as hot dogs and hamburgers. Use paper cups to serve pretzels, potato chips, popcorns and cheese nachos. Serve miniature soft drinks and bottles of water as drinks. For desserts, you can serve ice cream bars or basketball-shaped cake topped with red and yellow colored frosting. You can even get black frosting piped in to create the basketball lines.
Fill a large clear jar with individually-wrapped basketball themed candy and let the guests guess the total number of candies in the jar. Hand over the jar of candy to the winner as a prize. For younger kids, you can let them decorate foam basketball door hangers with peel-and-stick images. You can also arrange a two-team relay game running and passing the ball. For older guests, give each person one minute to get as many baskets as possible. Hold contests for the longest dribbling without stopping, fastest dribbling from one end of the court and back and dribbling the ball backwards while walking or running.
No party is complete without favors! Be sure to prepare basketball-themed treat bags for all your guests. You can put in different items, such as basketball tattoos, stickers, basketball kick balls, pencils with basketball erasers, trading cards, basketball star gold medals, wristbands, rings, sports bottles, key chains and basketball printed can holders. You can even include candy and fruit snacks.

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