It doesn’t take a poetic whiz to churn out a mushy love-song. A little inspiration and creativity can charm out a love song from anyone who is game for it. Here are tips on how to write a love song.

How To Write A Love Song

How often have you lifted your pen to jot down something really mushy and nice for your beloved, but never got any further than a few clichéd lines? If you are one of those die hard romantics who wouldn’t mind penning a few original lines, just to wow your mate, this is the perfect read for you. Agreed, writing a love lyric is no child’s play, but it isn’t an impossible bet either. If anyone said that writing love lyrics was better left to musical genius and poetic whiz, they weren’t probably trying to help you. Remember, all it takes is a little inspiration, a bit of technical know-how, and yes, not to forget, a good deal of mushy feelings to jot down a few engaging love lyrics. If you are a newbie attempting hand at penning down a love song for your partner, the following tips on how to do it will possibly get your creative juices oozing. Read on to find the lyricist in you.
Tips For Writing A Love Song
  • Writing a love lyric can be a breeze, only if you have a nice, mushy, lovey-dovey title to begin with. A good title will set the stage for your creative juices to flow. Just pause to figure out a title that suits the verve of your love note and head on to scribble your lines. However, remember to choose an impressive title that not only reflects the tempo of your lyrics, but also lives up to the theme and idea of your churning.
  • Just because you aren’t a professional shouldn’t stop you from writing like one. Keeping an eye on the technicalities will just lend a pro like expertise to your romantic musings. You can pick your cues from the evergreen love songs and then style your song accordingly. Keep the chorus catchy, so that it clicks easily with the audience. Let your musical theme grow from verse to verse. Bet on catchy lyrics and hummable chorus for maximum appeal.
  • Agreed, rhyming lyrics are catchier and easier to remember. But never mind if you fail to find a well-schemed rhyming pattern for your love song. Give free reigns to your imagination and write in absolutely free verse and see the magic happen. Deliberate twisting and turning of your lines to suit a rhymed tempo will only rob it off of its actual charm, leaving your song look like an insipid patchwork of some fragmented mind. The cue is to be natural and let your imagination do the talking.
  • For more innovative wannabes, just try linking your song to an interesting story-line, much like the good old love ballads, and see the applauses come in. Just pick your favorite setting and erect a beautiful, romantic storyline on the thing or subject that inspires you most, and see the words fall into place. You can bet on country music for some inspiration too.
  • Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if you wrote your lyrics and tuned it to? But for this, you will at least need a decent understanding of melody. Just pen your lines and hum it to the strums of your guitar. If it hits the right note and strikes a melody, know that you have hit a jackpot.
  • All attempts on plagiarism are an absolute no-no! Writing a song commands ingenuity and honesty. If you can’t churn out something original, it is fine. But stealing someone else’s line and passing it off as your own is gross.

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