Rap music is straight from your heart and created spontaneously. Hence, making a rap song is not difficult, if you are versed with the techniques. Read on to know how to make your own rap song.

How To Make A Rap Song

One of the most popular genres of music today, rap music exclusively belonged to African Americans initially. However, with time the music gained popularity among people from all races and cultures across the globe. Rap music is created right from heart and hence, requires some rhyming sentences to be added to the beats in a traditional manner. In case you are interested in creating a rap song, the best would be to catch up on rap albums of some popular rap artists. For classic rap music, you can go for Tupac Shakur, while for contemporary rap music, Eminem makes the best bet. Other known rappers include Wyclef Jean, 50 Cent, Run DMC, Jay-Z, Mike Shinoda, Outkast, Missy Elliot and Flo-rida. For beginners, this article would be of help. Glance through the steps given below for creating a rap song. Remember, carefully understanding the fundamentals and practicing seriously can make you a successful rapper in no time.
Making Your Own Rap Song
  • Pick up the topic of your rap. Choose a topic that you can easily rap about based on your personal experience or knowledge.
  • Create a low tone, making sure that the bass line is in the same key and the beats are easy to work on. Ensure that there are no ‘sour notes’. The bass line should not be as lengthy as the melody line. Instead, it should work with it and fit together.
  • Structure the rap song. The typical structure includes the intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, chorus, middle 8 (breakdown), chorus, outro. The intro includes all the parts playing, while the verse just includes the bass and the drum beat. The chorus is same as intro and has all the parts playing, while the middle 8 has your own words different from the entire song. Finally, the outro includes the beats that continue playing till the end of the song.
  • Write the lyrics for the rap song. The standard bars for each verse in rap music are 16. Use literary devices like similes, metaphors and alliteration to enhance your rap.
  • Make sure that the verses rhyme, which is one of the most important components of rap. Usually, you can find the last word of each sentence rhymed. Tight/light, cake/fake, etc. are some examples. In case the words do not exactly rhyme, ensure that they sound close enough. This is known as near-rhyme or slant-rhyme. Such examples are night/fly, peace/she, bike/kite, etc. For more impressive rap lyrics, you can use internal rhyme with two consecutive words.
  • Punch lines are very important to impress your listeners with your rap song. You can incorporate funny punch lines and disses (a diss is an insult) into your raps and see your people getting impressed. Moreover, you can also include reference of famous celebrities and current events to create your punch lines.
  • Once you are done with the lyrics incorporating all the necessary elements, record the lyrics over the beats along with the chorus, so created.
  • Voila, you are done with your own rap song. Time to move ahead and take the first step towards superstardom!
  • Make sure that the chorus is infectious and catchy. Listen to some rap songs and see how the artists work with the beats to create the chorus. Likewise, create your chorus with your own beats.
  • Include drum fills, such as additional bass and melody lines, to add flavor to the beats and make the song shine.

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